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7000 RPM car v1.9 - Onboard HP dyno

screenshot of the scene

Author: The Linkage

Group: Default

Filesize: 109.51 kB

Date added: 2018-09-15

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 3685

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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W - 30% throttle
Shift + W - 100% throttle
C - clutch toggle
X - starter (Takes some time) (Hold W at the same tome to start it faster, it wasn't intended but i like it lol)
A/Z - gears (R-1-2-3-4-5)
S - brake (you can also engine brake)

If you shift down gears while the engine is redlining, nothing bad should happen, but you may pop a piston (We're talking 10000+ RPM here). I'm not sure how I should handle that situation but it seems okay for now.

If you want to dyno it, get the dyno3 1.3 and configure it for RPM range [0, 7000] then fixate the car to the background and the dyno axle to the engine crankshaft. Then hold W + shift, and click on the green dyno axle.

v1.5 - Fixed engine curve (& added some HP), found a memory leak bug where high RPMs fill up the RAM with rubbish at abt 1.5 MB/s (But I left it as-is, it doesn't bother too much). Reverse works perfectly now

The power curve is almost perfect now. The highest power is achieved at about 5500+ RPM, all the way up to abt 6000-6500 RPM. While peak torque is on the 3700 RPM mark.

Now the car is RWD only, and the suspension is slightly sturdier. Partial throttle power curve has been tweaked. i expect to put this on a track soon enough. Also i'll try to add a gear between 4th and 5th because 5th is way too long

I made a small, slow-updating torque/power display just for kicks, better than the needle i think

I just realized how much I crippled the car by making it RWD only. It's AWD again
Last edited at 2018/09/29 23:26:42 by The Linkage
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such attention to detail, wild bill
lol, glad to see you are still making scenes! We need all the top scene makers to come back.
so what's up with this super olf school suspension style?
New car but with old tricks... I mean you look for these dynos to much. I only have used it for power measurements, but the torque meter is something new.
I have a quest for you if you want it. In a Bugatti Veyron, there is a horsepower digit counter which works live on the car. If you could pull that off I would be impressed.
what's wrong with the suspension?

Actually you're wrong about the scene, it's simply all about the engine - it's the first useable 7000 RPM engine with power on the top RPM band, and packs 650 HP - all of that while having a total weight of 29 freaking kilos

And you're still bad at thyme? :lol: To make an onboard HP dyno you just have to take the value that the torque dyno gives and do

HP = torque * RPM / 7121

For example: = * / 7121

And be impressed. :D
I was having trouble figure it out how to take the torque measure value out of the engine. Other then that is easy.
I'm happy to see you're still active.
well i've never stopped doing stuff, i just don't upload anything. I have a couple projects that I could finish and upload but for some reason i can't get myself to do it and end up making yet another scene:lol:
Yeah same here man. I'll probably be uploading something soon though.
can i ask you something? how did you made these axles to transmit power from engine to wheels? i know there was something on youtube with that thing but i forgot how its called i wanted to make car but idk how to transfer power without use of springs
well those are stretched axles. First, to be able to stretch them without them making force, you have to select the axle and change its hingeConstant value to 1e-30 (just write that on the hingeConstant value in the script menu). After that, your hinge will stretch without exerting force.
To transmit torque, you have two options: If you need to transmit high amounts of torque and don't care about slippage, you can simply use a brake with torque +inf.

If you need it for timings or that kind of stuff, you'll need to use bend. Bend cannot withstand too much torque, but it will work like a spring, it'll return to its previous position if it bends. To enable this you'll need to have brake off, then go to Script menu, and change these values:
bend = true
bendConstant = +inf
bendTarget = 0
ok i will surely use your advices to make my first functioning car in future:)
thank you alot!
love it