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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG 1000HP V8

screenshot of the scene

Author: vaidas369

Group: Default

Filesize: 281.2 kB

Date added: 2018-09-07

Rating: 6.5

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Ratings: 4

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG
My most favorite model of AMG's
This one is equipt with
1000+ HP Biturbo V8 Engine
Used new gen trust so to speak
spawn engines that are just awesome!
It has an automatic clutch with long 7 gears
How to operate it?
The engine ignition is with I - toggle
A starter is with X - Hold for a sec (If it does not work turn on the ignition first, no indicator for ignition though)
Add more fuel to the fire chamber is with W - Accelerator
To add power hold A, to take away hold B. It shown on the speedometer how much power you have on. Full red bars means full 1000HP.
Braking is just like baking with S - Brakes ;D
Clutching is as always with C - hold to activate
Change gears with voice commands... Jk it's with arrows UP and Down.
Gears look like this : R,N,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13...
Jk it's just up to 7... ;D
Since I'm full of jokes today I bet you just want to go so go ahead.
P.S you can delete the track with a horn key....:D it's an H btw. ;D
It's a beast of a machine, btw the engine I used is my free to use engine scene. This engine fits all pretty much if you use V8.
Please leave your love story in a comment below!

Small update on power delivery and realistic air drag force.
Last edited at 2018/09/07 15:29:20 by vaidas369
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This Merc is only 451HP
In reality yeah. But this is algodoo and I get to do whatever I want with this merc. 1000HP is even more fun than this one believe me:)
@Faytree:Links are no longer allowed here on algobox.
what do you mean not allowed? :huh:
faytree - Mclaren is fast. Since engine pretty much has limitless capabilities you can push it to do insane things. But what is interesting about that car that it is a hybrid.
@faytree:I mean that wild bill deletes them.

I already saw him do it multiple times,I think that the only links allowed are the ones that lead to Algobox but I am not sure about it...
great scene. sweet
this car is best scene that what i saw in 4weeks here.
Great feedback, I would appreciate if you guys press that rating scale too. I don't want it to become forgotten:)
dyno says 4440 Nm @ 800 RPM, 883 HP @ 1900 RPM
The Linkage Well, your dyno could be lying because I power test all of my cars manually. Its actually around 950 Hp. It holds 4000Nm at 175rad/s
4000*175 = 700 000 /732 is 956.2HP
I mean if you want some, on the top box where says ecu change (-21000) to (-42000) and you'll get something like 1912Hp because it can hold up to 8000nm on 175 rad/s.
Who cares? these engines are so bad ass I started to loss interest in making them lol
Hmm, it is sorta true, but not entirely. Measuring by hand will get the engine to higher RPMs without you noticing, since it spikes. Configuring the dyno for [1000, 2000] gives you 30 points that have been properly averaged, and it reports 880 HP at 1700 RPM and peak slightly higher. Even if you use a simplified, positional dyno you'll get lower readings

But yeah that's been my point all along lol. My approach was to reach realistic speeds and it's been accomplished with the V4 at 240 Hz (It's a V4 to keep parts count at a minimum, since it was going to run at 240 all along). I'll try a V6 60º at 120 Hz and see how much speed I can get from it for now.

since hp/kg is no longer a problem, the challenge is elsewhere
Maybe you should challenge optimization of these engines. Because they do seek for more computer resources to run properly.