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Marble Maraud - Decider Rounds (Round 1)

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Author: Ultragamer564

Group: Marble & Athlons & BFDI & Camps

Filesize: 2.46 MB

Date added: 2018-09-01

Rating: 5.6

Downloads: 1017

Views: 171

Comments: 6

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Pink V.S. Navy

Yup, a new series. This time it's way more interesting!

Marble Maraud is based off of Ellbell's Crystal Clash, which is pretty good, I reccommend you to go check it out. Anyways, it's like Crystal Clash, but with more stuff, specifically a new type of round, marbles choosing upgrades for themselves, and more! This is gonna be my secondary season while you guys are waiting for Algothon Alpha.

There is a statistics board incase you wanna see what upgrades each marble has, and their wins/losses.

By the way, yeah, the marbles can get upgrades! After each win they get, they will have a choice of one extra marble, or some extra crystal HP, which is also randomized.

Touching the maroon is bad, and if your crystal isn't present, you will die. Otherwise you'll just teleport to your crystal.
Colored blocks at crystal stations are bouncy, and fit with whichever color owns the station.
White diamond shaped objects are bouncy as well, and fit with no one.
Black is just normal.

If you have any ideas for this series, please tell me!

You are NOT permitted to use anything in this scene, unless asked. Even then, you probably won't get the stuff, and if you still use it, I will probably report you.:/



13-0, overall rating: 7/10
Last edited at 2018/09/01 21:51:56 by Ultragamer564
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This is already really fun to mess around with.

But just a small question; will the upgrades happen as a team wins? Like let's say Pink wins against Navy. Will Pink get the upgrade? Or will the marble count depend on the remaining hp on the crystal?

Anyway, this is really cool. I've seen something very similar to this-- but it's been a while. I might run this tournament for myself and see the results after like using the same stage like 8137738 different times.

Keep it up!
And also as something that could be added for visual appearances; like in algothon APLHA. You could have stages around different stages. Like for example a beach themed stage, where you must bounce off trees to get to the crystal. Or an Ice stage. Where the crystal could be blocked off by shards of ice which must be broken off by landing onto it.

Sounds like i'm making it harder than it already is. Not in any intention to try to make it any harder than it already is.

Round 1 was too close; and for me: Navy won 0-3
To clear things up for you, @MountainDrew...

After a color team wins, they will choose a random upgrade. So lets say Navy wins, they get either an extra marble, or a random amount of extra HP (most times from 3-8 or smth im not sure yet) to help them win.

As for visual appearances, I probably could, but I don't wanna spend TOO much time on this. There will be a new stage for every like 3 rounds or something, so after a couple more rounds with this stage and other marbles, yeah there's gonna be more stages that look a bit more interesting.


@Ultragamer564 -- Just a little suggestion for ya.... When adding text to a box (for example) you will see a slider labeled "font resolution". The default is a very low value which will cause your text to look rather pixilated. If you slide the slider over to the right (to 128) your displayed text will look much cleaner, and will be easier to read.

But I like pixelated text! ;(

I already know i can set it up to 128px, I just use the pixelated text since i've always loved retro games and always liked the pixelated text.
@Ultragamer564 -- Oh, Okay. I like the older "retro" games too. That's why I made some of them, like Pac Man and Donkey Kong, with Algodoo. Retro or modern.... Either way is cool! :)