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MCC-MRE7 magnet rotary engine(1cylinder/2018)

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Author: jrbarsim231

Group: Default

Filesize: 223.33 kB

Date added: 2018-08-18

Rating: 5

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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2years ago, i made a rotary engnine that powered by magnet.
i thought it maybe world's first. so i started project.

but it was very weak and unsafety engnine.
I wanted to give up because its too hard. but i didn't
because it was my 'pride'.
so i tried to make it smaller and stronger.

and 2017, i made it.

and 11months later, i upgrade it faster.

actually, it just touched engine's weights.
you can make same power to use 2017 model


its very small and very strong.
if you want to climb up the wall with this engine, you can.
I am not lying now. i tried it and success it.
do anything that you want. you will be happy.

2017/9/2 3:30pm. jrbarsim231.


Millennium car company/MRE-7 - ROTARYSTO

length 4.53m
height 1.24m
engnine name: magurota number7 (1cylinder)

0~100km/h 3.1sec->3.083sec(Without modification)
0~100km/h time record 1.253sec(just used hi-grip tire)
max speed 245km/h(68m/s)->325km/h(90.2m/s) (Without modification)
no gearbox in car.
a to drive
s to brake
d to reverse

o to door lock (toggle)
p to side brake (toggle)
x to emergency light (toggle)
j to window up
n to window down
door is manual. pull up to open. (scissor door)

this car's dashboard is digital.
it will show everything about car. even the state of the engine.

please comment about this car.
i can get more power when i see the comment.

have a nice day!

Millennium car company
Last edited at 2018/08/18 15:47:38 by jrbarsim231
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Bad mid-range acceleration, its accelerate slow after reach 200KM/H
yea i know that. but i don't know reason;;
but if you use higher gripped tire, it will be fine:)