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Should I do a side series? (Poll)

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Author: Ultragamer564

Group: Default

Filesize: 76.78 kB

Date added: 2018-08-07

Rating: 5

Downloads: 349

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Sorry for the static screen of nothing but text, but I really wanna know if you guys would like me to create a side series next to Algothon Alpha!

In case you don't wanna download the scene, here are the pros and cons of doing this:
- More content (and it will be better than average and be unique, don't worry!)
- Something new to the table of Algothons (Better than a Danganronpa, amirite?)
- Will have good quality in general and some cool thyme stuff mashed in.

- Algothon Alpha may take a little while longer to make since i'm also working on the side series.
- Probably will trigger the other half of Algobox since it's more Algothons/MRs (But give me a chance, i'll try to make it more interesting, I swear!)
- Will have delays (Mainly since school comes up for me next week, but they won't be that long of a delay.)

(Note: If you'd like me to do a side series, and have an idea for what I should do, tell me in the comments for this scene! I'll make sure to respond to your suggestions for what I should do next as soon as possible!)
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I don't know
Do a danganro-

and i think it'd be cool to have a side series; but what to do for that?
Possibly something like objectdecathalon? Probably a bit much, but i'd love to see that in action. Two great series at one time.
I was just about ready to delete system32.

Jokes aside, Objectdecathlon Omega was pretty fun at times to do, but the sequel WILL eventually be coming after algothon alpha. I might also speed up algothon alpha a bit too. Anyways, I probably won't do objectdecathlon related things until after Algothon Alpha.
I'm thinking of 2 things I could do that I already can imagine in my mind right now:
UMR Season 2

UMR Season 2 is easy enough to explain, it's just UMR S1 but with updated stuff and more marbles.

Algico-SAW-thlon is a bit more unique though. Each day, there will be 2 parts, those being the Escape part, and the Torture part.

The escape part would be the normal day, but they have to escape out of a room with the event in it.

On Torture parts, a contestant will have a chance to face iminent death, with some other athletes trying to help them escape that death. It could be the person in last, someone in the middle, the person in second or first, whatever really.

It will last for 10 days, and the winners are those who escape, and the grand winner is the one with the most points at the end.

Tell me what you think, I personally really enjoy doing the both of these ideas and (in my mind) would think they would honestly be cool for everyone to see (other than maybe UMR S2)
hmm.... I enjoy both. But as far as the algobox 'trends go' murder is the way to go.

Algic-SAW-thlon sounds really cool and unique. But i also really liked UMR S1.

I could go either way on this. But to me either sounds fine. Guess i won't have to be the deciding vote. But just a small tip that i'm pretty sure everyone knows (not even a tip)

But create something that you won't get bored of. the only down-side that i can think of is doing death events would eventually become repetitive.
well idk lol

do a nightclub simulator (cuz i was wondered about it since update for gta online)

P.S. Can everyone stop making Danganronpa, algobox is not an anime fanzone. This is so sad Alexa play despacito.
that is so sad, can we get 5 likes?
do UMR
this is so sad siri play dame tu cosita

I would make the death events be a bit more interesting though, i'll see which one is more fun to do with messing around. Either way though, it's still up to other people, because i'm not sure what i would do right now.
Can i still post ideas for a side series? If yes, i have one, i like the call it "Deathmatch"

The first part is simple, the contestants face eachother in a challenge, and the six who did the worst go to voting. The viewers will vote two contestants they hate the most. All votes go into a randomizer, and the three contestants that get chosen will face deathmatch. The more votes for you, the bigger the chance you go to deathmatch.

The three who got chosen for deathmatch will face eachother in a challenge. The two who win the challenge are safe, the loser gets eliminated. And the punishment for the loser is always the same: DEATH. That's why i call it deathmatch,

You can choose if you want to use this idea or not, both options are ok.
Yeah, sure! I'm still taking ideas, those were just 2 that I thought of.

The idea isn't too bad, but honestly it just sounds kind of like a normal algothon with people voting for who they want to go home then they fight to see who does.
I COMPLETELY agree with Mariobro1337!
Most DangaTrompaRompaDellaPompa are just some comics and it's almost like the author is saying to the downloaders:"Look at how Mikamokoroko kills Sylakolamono!"
I know that camps are also comics but atleast they aren't pointless and aren't based on what the author think about the chararters.

As for the series you should do,I can't really recommend anything because I am trash at algicosatlon.:/
Last edited at 2018/08/08 14:46:22 by MasterGamer
Do A Animation:P
If Not,
Crystal Guard

There Will Be Teams, And 4 Marbles On Each Team.
The Team Will Begin With A Normal Challenge.
The HP Of The Crystal For Each Team Will Be Affected By Each Performance.
If The HP Reaches 0, This Team Will Have To Take Damage From Marbles.
Each Marble Has 20 HP (Crystal Has 100 HP)
If You Run Out Of That Marbles HP, YOu Lose That Marble. The Winner Will Be The Last One Standing.
And Yes, This Series Is Inspired BY Ellbell's Crystal Clash.
That actually sounds like a fun challenge. I'll get to it in a couple of days, for now you'll have to wait, school is fine and all but it DEFINITLY gets into the way of things. Expect the first round in early-ish september!