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Algothon <αlphα> - Vine Swirl Zone (Event 3)

screenshot of the scene

Author: Ultragamer564

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.14 MB

Date added: 2018-07-27

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 2011

Views: 420

Comments: 12

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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And now, we monkey around.

Orange will be making a new suit in place of his old one.

If you really want results, look them up in Event 2, it gives a entirely detailed description of how many points they got, and calculations.

Anyways, let's go! The trees are blocking out the sun as it sets, and since the only way over the water are vines, it's time to swing and slide over the water! Avoid it at all costs, or you'll have to swim back! Wooden cannons will help you launch over and into trees, and you gotta make it to the end to be safe!

Also, yay 1 month exactly after the release of Event 2!
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Very creative event! I like it :tup:
Tan got first to me:/
Wow! Very good job on the animated characters! I sat back and watched those funny little guys for quite a long time. I rated this scene a 10. Keep up the great work, Ultragamer564! :tup:
Very creative.
Woah, did not expect Xray to comment on this. Thanks to everyone calling this creative! I'm trying to think outside of the box and make it atleast tolerable:P

Anyways, i'll be trying to work on this a bit more, and try to actually do a good job on making it atleast more unique. Also gonna be learning from my friend alasmyfoe on some more scripting I could maybe add into this, i've been trying to learn some more scripting and have managed to do a small little marble race that has an infection style to it.
I thougth that MLMoyman33 rated this a 10!:o
I just wonder what will append when the people from the TTG will see that comment that XRay made,but he his 100% right.:lol:

Good job Ultra.:tup:
Very nice as always, although yellow is at a severe disadvantage.
He seriously needs to place good here if he wants to advance.
What even are the chances of Laventa even getting the medallion?

Probably the highest.
Results of Today:
Tan: 1st (72 * 1.3 = ~94 points) (Egotistical! Score multiplier went up x0.1!)
Indigo: 2nd (58 * 0.9 = ~52 points)
Skyan: 3rd (43 * 1.4 = ~60 points) (Got a x0.2 medal!)
Laventa: 4th (36 points)
Orange: 5th (29 * 0.9 = ~26 points)
Snow: 6th (22 * 0.9 = ~20 points) (Friendly! Ivory gets 6th, along with her.)
Ivory: 6th (22 * 1.1 = ~24 points)
Yellow : 8th (12 * 0.9 = ~11 points)
Sky: 9th (7 * 1.3 = ~9 points) (Desire to win! Multiplier up by x0.1!)
Gray: 10th (5 * 0.9 = ~5 points) (Clingy! Score multiplier went down with Yellow.)
Jade: 11th (4 * 1.1 = ~4 points) (Clumsiness! Went down a rank.)
Poor Yellow
Please make your Algiquadrathlon back please
Where is Algothon Alpha day 4
Puke last:)