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Algicosathlon Camp 4B

screenshot of the scene

Author: WyattTheMarbleRacer

Group: Marble & Athlons & BFDI & Camps

Filesize: 291.16 kB

Date added: 2018-07-09

Rating: 5

Downloads: 129

Views: 150

Comments: 27

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Voting time again!
Note:Re-sign-ups are closed right now
Last edited at 2018/07/09 01:32:00 by WyattTheMarbleRacer
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Shockingly,I won!
I Forgot $, @Kidest Araya, You'll not believe you much you have
I thought I was Pink and I was SO happy and then I realized...

I think Pink and I will make a great team. I mean, the two of us, along with Cyan, obviously, helped make the team win. Maybe I can ask Pink and Cyan if they'd want to make an alliance...hmm...


I really need to form an alliance with one of my team members. ;-;. #TeamUpWithLoners
Con: Ugh! We lost again!
This was the worst challenge so far!

I will buy an Armor Token and a Friend Token 2 please.

Like: Black
Dislike: White
Also, Red's user got banned, so you may wanna put him UFR.
@alt_lkmoj thanks for telling me
Con: I was reading the comments on 4A and turns out someone actualy wants to be my friend person guy thx Teal anyway yeah also I find it ironic how The Sketches lost all the luck challenges so far.

Like: Limey Boi (Cause yolo)
Dislike: Whitey Alt White (I need the remaining alts gone so that everyone has an equal chance to win)
Con Pt. 2:

I gotta give props to Lavender for getting 2nd this challenge, though.
This challenge alone puts her in 2nd for money count, only behind Pink.
­What the....
Like lim
Dislike red
Oh people will target me because I'm a threat...
I buy a immunity token,it only costs $8
Like: Black
Dislike: Red
Con Part 2:
Hey Teal, let's form an alliance
You aren't allowed 2 accounts, why do you have 2 accounts? answer please or risk being banned.
Its racecarman1232
Thats my brother's account
@wild bill, I'll tell him to get off algobox.
Everyone, this camp is not going on until racecar gets banned, or his account gets deleted. He just wanted to come back but now I'm not going to let him stay, And i'll make sure He will get banned, not me. And If I do, then this camp's over. I have way more subs and scenes then he does so I think I should stay and he should just get off.
Im back!:D
@Aaron8205 Hi, This camp right now is currently postponed because I might get banned from algobox all because of my brother joining algobox and breaking the 1-user rule and I have way more subs then he does so more people probably want him banned compared to me so I want him banned from algobox so I will not get banned from a decision that my brother made.
Wyatt, Im not gonna ban you.
6A should be out by now!
Oh,it's postponed?
Don't worry folks, This camp will continue. I'll do 6A soon.
Or 5A sorry