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Algicosalthon 1a "Woah? Dialogue?"

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Author: MountainDrew

Group: Default

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Date added: 2018-07-07

Rating: 5

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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eh? what's this? An algicosalthon series-- with dialogue? Plot development? Useless characters?

if i should continue this series, or you want to leave suggestions, go ahead because i need motovation and ideas.
Last edited at 2018/07/07 03:47:17 by MountainDrew
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Kiyotaka: Surfing isnt my only talent! I can also... TRAVEL ACROSS MOUNTAINDREW SERIES!!!

Maybe you can do this: as the stickman is being destroyed by dark matter, 20 students discover a portal gun. But every time the go to a new world, they have to leave one person behind to get destroyed by the dark matter. They have to find a safe planet before they all die
tbh Kiyotaka is the best surfer, and red's representation of it perfectly simplifies how amazing kiyotaka is at surfing.

And i'll take it into consideration. I'll allow other ideas to be passed around. And i might mix ideas together. But I'm too lazy to make planets so circles are fine.


Also, hoping that scarlet gets eliminated soon, I honestly hate characters like her unless they're done right.
These might be kinda wierd rules, but i hope you like them.

Everyone gets placed on an island-- Wait, they already are on an island... Whatever. Each contestant will start at one point. There are three types of challenges: Point challenge, Deathmatch challenge and Deathmatch.

Point challenge first. If you win this challenge, you will get a certain amount of points, the amount of points for first place in the first Point challenge is 1, the rest depends.

Second is Deathmatch challenge, which is way more important than point challenge. The winner of this challenge gets to send two players to deathmatch, and they will go along with the person who placed last in the deathmatch challenge.

Last is Deathmatch. The three colours send here will compete in a challenge. The colour getting last will be eliminated, and his/her points will be up for grabs in the next point challenge.

Once the final 10 has been reached, only two colours will be send to deathmatch, both chosen by the winner of the deathmatch competition.

Once there are only two colours remaining, it's time for the finale. Both colours will compete in a series of challenges. If a colour loses a challenge, he/she will lose a point. This will go on until one colour runs out of points. Once that happens, the other colour wins the show!

Here's an example of what can happen, in case you don't understand...

Brown wins the first point challenge, giving him an extra point. Pink wins the deathmatch challenge, and she chooses to send Black and Purple to deathmatch, along with Coral, who is forced to go to deathmatch for being last in the deathmatch challenge. Purple lost the deathmatch, causing her to get eliminated, and her points were won by Lime in the following point challenge.

After a while, only Coral, Orange and Cyan remained. Orange was able to win the point challenge and get Brown's points (who got eliminated in the previous deathmatch), while Coral won deathmatch challenge, which forces Cyan and Orange to go to deathmatch because they are the only ones that can get picked. Cyan won the final deathmatch and immediately gets Orange's points, because there are no more point challenges after this deathmatch. Coral (with 11 points) and Cyan (with 10 points) then face eachother in the finale in several challenges. Coral ran out of points first, so Cyan (with 3 points remaining) wins the show!

You don't have to the exact elimination order that i used here (in case you're using these rules, which is probably not going to happen), whoever gets eliminated can go your way. You can also ad some twists if you want, that's fine.
Can watch the scene because I can't use the laptop that has algodoo so I'm inactive during Saturdays and Sundays