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BATTLE OF THE MARKERS 6A (Elimination 4/Challenge 6, 6.5)

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Author: ThatPineappleGuy

Group: Default

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Date added: 2018-07-04

Rating: 5

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Woah upload on Wednesday? Yes.
I forgot to mention this earlier, but now that School is over for me, scenes wil now be posted every 5 days up until August, because something will happen then, so yeah.
So yeah, another elimination is about to go down. Who'll be eliminated, what's the challenge, what exciting twists will occur? Find out today!
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I actually have a few ideas for a challenge
1. since you're a man of memes, why not have the 'possible rejoiners' do a meme contest or just make up something random to make you laugh.
2. Some kind of fan art contest for our wonderful host

(I said you're good so make me win first place kthx)
challenge:Pokemon challenge
rules: choose a random pokemon in the comments and it cannot be the hosts favourite, the closer it is to his second favourite the higher chance of them winning the challenge, the winner can choose another person to not be UFE, and thats how it goes

and a con:IM GETTING PEER PRESSURED *explodes*
the next part of commet:........ im still alive........................
You know what!
A mini TWOW!
Since you're a book from TWOW,here is my challenge
Choose a TWOW prompt
Then tell it to us in 7A
And we must answer in ten words
In 7B,let people vote like this
For example
Left is good
Right is bad
Then you score points,and these are how you score
Left 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 Right
Then you show us the results in TWOW style,showing us how many points we got
Whoever's prompt has the most amount of points are up for elimination
And whoever has the least wins tokens
Also you can't reveal whose was whose.
also can i have the pose that is in the final 11 picture for my actual pose on my like podium

y'know the one that says
Black:Hard Hat Beaver
Oh,yeah when I said
Left 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11Right
I meant Left 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
Oh,yeah when I said
Left 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11Right
I meant Left 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 Right
I did not spam I said something ,then I remembered something
Oh,also,can I change my pose,plz
@Hard Hat Beaver & Kidest Araya

Ok um I didn't want to spoil this but everyone's pose is going to be changed to the poses that were shown in the Final 11 poster in 6B :3
Yeah...but I wanted my own pose,if that is okay...
Then again...I hate the pose I
Challange: Stare Master

Every marker has to stare at another, and if two markers stare at eacother they die

and if a marker stares at a dead marker that marker dies

Con: Wow 0 votes? Dang I must be lucky. Either that or everyone is being nice to me just to get me eliminated later! OH MY GOSH THEY ARE ALL TEAMING UP ON ME! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Here's one:

Meme Making
make a image that is relatively funny and overall high-quality.

must have impact font
oh wait
Make a voting screen for your marker.
ill take orange
make a new pose for your marker
@mehh ur uh supposed to make a prediction so uh yeaaaaaaaaah
I'm sorry, TPG. THe prediction is so high quality that my computer got a BSOD. I can't do the challenge... goodbye cruel world
Challenge (requires a contestant vote, and EVERYONE is UFE):

> You vote, and you try to give really good reasons to why you voted who you vote
Challenge is baldis basics
Rules: collect all 7 notebooks and run away from baldi after 7 notebooks u need to find all 3 fake exits and 1 real exit now baldis friends
Playtime:if you bump her u need to jump on rope 5 or 10 times
Principal: u need to not run, not drink ,not eat ,not escaping detention and not entry school faculty if you broke rules principal catches you and 15,30,45,60 or 99 sec detention
Gotta sweep: if it’s sweeping time he goes on way if he bumps on player he will sweep with player so faster
Art and crafters: if you get all 7 notebooks she gonna be mad and she will teleport you into after 2nd book work
Sorry for not it’s bully and 1st prize because it’s only gonna be 5
Last 3 contestants escapes school are gonna be in up for elimination
Is my challenge good if you wanna this
Just play baldis basic and you will learn this game

Name: Know your opponents
Challenge: There are a total of 16 questions (again), but this time, there is 1 question about each contestant. One question about me, one about Red's user, one about Purple's user, and everyone else's user. Who ever gets the most questions right WINS! This is not a team challenge.
There can also be a bonus question about you (if you want there to be one).
The questions also include eliminated contestants's users
Con: dark gray your challenge is kinda copied think about another challenge ok?
Challenge over yayyy