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Algicosathlon Camp 2B

screenshot of the scene

Author: WyattTheMarbleRacer

Group: Marble & Athlons & BFDI & Camps

Filesize: 267.73 kB

Date added: 2018-06-28

Rating: 5

Downloads: 260

Views: 104

Comments: 13

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Yellow team is UFE, Again you guys are welcome to confess
To those who have challenge chooser tokens, You can
use it for the next challenge, It's up to you when to use it.
Note:Credit to SlimeBlobFlynn for the new and more organized token shop
Last edited at 2018/06/28 16:23:13 by WyattTheMarbleRacer
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Like: Cyan
Dislike: Orange

Confessional: I tried my best. But as long as everyone works together, we'll be fine!
Like: No One Because idk Who Can Deserve A Like:(
Dislike: Purple
Like: Pink
Dislike: Gray
Like: Purple
Dislike: Cyan (could be a threat)
Con: WOAH! 2ND? I am impressed! With such a simple idea, I managed to get my OWN SPOT on the token list!
Con: Im Hated So Much
@Gelatin BFDI Your not really, Your literally in a 4-athlete tie right now.
Like cyan
Dislike purple because useless
Votes So Far:
Cyan: 2
Pink: 1
Purple: 1
Orange And Gray: 0
Pink And Gray: 0
Orange: 1
Cyan: 1
Purple: 2
@Gelatin BFDIA Accurate except Gray got a vote from alt_lkmoj
I think it's safe to say I'm dominating right now lol

Like: Cyan (not to be rude but this was a tough decision for the like also I forgot to give a like last time my bad I would've liked Purple FYI)

Dislike: Gray (yeah alts are still threats plus he didn't do ze challenge while Orange was excused soooooooo also I'm not voting Purple because even though he/she has 2 strikes rn if he/she DNPs again he/she will be UFR soo he/she'll probably be out either way so yeah)
:( I,m Gonna Get Eliminated!:( :( :( :( :(