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ACT:Boss 1(Part 1/2)

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Author: MasterGamer

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.5 MB

Date added: 2018-06-08

Rating: 5

Downloads: 182

Views: 95

Comments: 7

Ratings: 1

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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I'am so sorry but I couldn't finish this because my trash computer is crashing and I run out of time.
Please forgive me,the next episode is going to came out on Monday.

I have decided that everyone who didn't choose any route or just messed up their response will go to the mountains to balance the number of players per route.
IMPORTANT:Don't worry if you choosed the mountains,your chararter isn't going to die.You will see what will append to them in the next episode.
For now you can comment what you think is going to append and your general opinion on this camp.
If you have any questions,just ask.:)
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I Can't Wait.

When Will I Appear.

And Eclipsor,Prob He is The "Big Four". of Leader.
Or Just He is One Of "Subordinate" Of"Big Four".

Eclipsor Means...Eclipse?
So,If He is One Of Brothers,Other One Will Be Lunar.

If I Changed The Name Of Lunar,It'll be...Lunaticor?

About Big Four Now.
Big Four Model Will Be...Idk. Atleast Kewl Name. (Got Rekt)

Just Wondering. It Won't Stop xd

Big Four 1:Solarce (Who Give Instructions To Eclipsor,Lunaticor.)
Solarce = Solar x Sorcerer

Big Four 2:Furoomy
(Fury x Doom, Who is Mad At Fight. Brain muscle.:P)

Big Four 3:Xtrike
(Crosstrike, Cross x Strike. Great At Prefetching,And Brains. Always be opposed to Furoomy.)

Big Four 4:Khatly
(Khaos x Atlas + y, Childhood Friend Of Leader. Good At Most Of Everything. She met a certain nightmare in the past.)

(Phantom x Nemesis, Leader Of The Enemies. Only One Who Can Use "Supernova Attack"<- Too Strong You Know. He is Kind But Don't Give Mercy At Fighting Everytime.)

At Last. All Of This My Opinion is TRRIBLE DELUSION. XD

End Of My thoughs.
@KamenRiderFan:What's the Big Four?
Also don't worry I'll have to show both you and the other 19 contestants(Excluding Mehh) when we will fight the first boss.
Big Four Means like...Elite Four?
Just Top 4 Character Who Help Leader For Objective.
Like executive staff.
Im so exited ot appear in the next episode! i picked forest
Excluding Me? Why?
@Mehh:Well,my avatar accidentally made you spawn in Cardboard.And Cardboard is the city that the players will encounter after the boss fight.
Just make White trapped between a building, like passed through it.