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Algothon <αlphα> - Cast Reveal

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Author: Ultragamer564

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Date added: 2018-05-30

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Here's the new series hinted in the final results for Objectdecathlon Omega and UMR S1! You thought i'd just jump to either of those series' Season 2's right away, but it was me, INVISIBLE STICKMAN LOOKING AT WHAT WAS HAPPENING!

Algothon <αlphα> is not as ordinary and repetetive as most algothons or whatever. Algothon <αlphα> works similar to this:

For this season, 12 colors have been randomly chosen to compete using a random color generator, and then simplified into these 12 you see before you. All 12 have a skill in which will help them in this as it could either boost their score or performance in events, all based on their personality traits. How interesting.

Scores will increase by x1.5 every next day, so there's no time to waste. Getting in the top ranks can help increase your score multiplier, in order for you to reach the top faster, and also help save you from potential elimination. Doing bad is the vice-versa of this situation. It can get you into more trouble. Pulling off amazing feats in the challenges, which can be simple, like grab a medal from a secret area in the event, and getting over 250m in the long jump, or complex like doing the entire event on the left path and getting top half, or something like that.

Items can be acquired from the events that will help contestants in the future. Items such as simple point multipliers and more, and advantages for future events that you may not even participate in.

As complex as this series may seem, I can guarentee it will be worked on as much as possible, especially during the summer, which is very soon, as graduation my final day of middle school is May 30th, so that's cool.

I hope to see you supporting this series once it's ready to go! See you on June 2nd or sometime after!
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Cool as always :tup:
How nice! you remembered that color I found back in 2015 (laventa)
Hello. I have news about Algothon Alpha.

I will not be working on this series until maybe June 18th or so, due to school stuff getting in the way. See you then! :tup:
Hey everyone who may be reading this!

I have finished planning for the series, and it should start up very soon! Get ready!
Says Skyan is very fast
(Seriously though nice job)
Time to Fall: