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BFDI Camp Day 12A

screenshot of the scene

Author: macky527

Group: Marble & Athlons & BFDI & Camps

Filesize: 1.3 MB

Date added: 2018-04-28

Rating: 5

Downloads: 91

Views: 122

Comments: 13

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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One in, one out
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10th coiny has been in the danger zone long enough
9th SB everyone is better
8th TB Did the challenge badly
8th woody everyone is more liked
7th GB it comes to show that REJOINERS NEVER WIN
no more points
6th pen did the challenge wrong
5th debuter because DEBUTERS DO NOT WIN.
4th rocky,a threat
Finale vote
3rd Needle- 2 votes, not as popular
2nd Bubble-6 votes you will see the reason why on 1st places reason
Did challenge in a scene
darn i missed the scenes ALWayS
10th-Coiny: Too many times in the dangerzone
9th-Rocky: Inactive
8th-Snowball: Unpopular and not strong as the others
7th-Golf Ball: Everyone is (sadly) obsessed with rejoiners never win
6th-Pen: He losed his friends and the others voted him out
5th-Tennis ball: The weakest of all
4th-Bubble: Hated by the other
3rd-Woody: The viewers likes more the others two
2nd-Match: The winner is more likeable
1st-Needle: Strong contestant and popular
10th-Coiny: UFE too much times
9th-Snowball: Between me and SB, I am more popular
8th-Rocky: 3 strikes
7th-Golf Ball: Rejoiner
6th-Tennis Ball: The least popular others are stronger
5th-Pen: The weakest
4th-Bubble: ALWAYS at the finals
3rd-Woody: Others are just well liked
2nd-Match: Close, but Needle is more popular
1st-Needle: As good as Match but just a tad bit more popular
Check My Scene pls.
are you kidding guys? I did the challenge. you can look at my scenes and see it in my scenes, anyways
10th: Coiny Not too good at getting points
9th: Pen like, cmon, you gotta work on your grammar a bit more
8th: Woody Because he debuted
7th: Snowball Another debuter
6th Golf ball a rejoiner
5th TB Kinda cool
4th bubble Quite popular
3rd Match kinda awesome
2nd Rocky, I honestly don't think I'm gonna win
1st Needle is consistent in doing the challenges, and is just good
10th coiny He has been UFE too many times and after having 100 points less than 9th he was eliminated. Bottom 2 SB
9th SB After being last in the challenge and being really unpopular, he was eliminated. Bottom 2 GB
8th pen Became to be a weak contestant and started slipping down the leaderboard until he was last. Bottom 2 rocky
7th Woody In the elimination, it was debuter vs rejoiner, and since woody has been in the camp longer he was eliminated. Bottom 2 GB
No more points
6th/5th TB He had the lowest score from the others and was therefore eliminated. Bottom 2 GB
6th/5th GB Eventhough she didnt get highest votes she was eliminated because Macky announced that it was a double elimination. Also She was a rejoiner. Bottom 2 rocky
4th rocky After a couple of challenges rocky was almost userless, which gave a reason why people should vote for him. Bottom 2 needle.
3rd Bubble She was popular but she was against match, which was why she was eliminated. bottom 2 Match
2nd match match was a great contestant however, needle was a much more likeable contestant which is why she won. Votes 5
1st needle She was a great and popular contestant the whole series, which is why she won. Votes 7
do the challenge in my ii camp plz
did the challenge in my latest scene

10th Coiny UFE too many times
9th TB has the 2nd lowest score
8th SB also has the 2nd lowest score
7th Pen lowest performing of the remaining 7
6th GB not very famous
5th Rocky no longer doing well
4th Bubble also no longer doing well
3rd Needle cannot withstand the final 3.
2nd Woody cannot ever win a camp in the next 5 years
1st Match Already won a few camps and is currently 1st.
k rocky i will give you additional 100 points + no strikes
I will give:

Match - +100 - Most asthetically pleasing prediction