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Maze 2018 Not A Contest Entry (HUH?)

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 22.79 kB

Date added: 2018-02-22

Rating: 5

Downloads: 1265

Views: 500

Comments: 21

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

This squiggly worm robot is not at all intelligent or efficient at finding its way through a maze, but I got a kick out of watching it!

Update: Improved path through maze.
Last edited at 2018/02/27 20:24:52 by Xray
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The maze is like an intestine and that's where worms do best in.
Exactly! :lol:
wow this is cool i like the worm
Thanks, gilbertfil!:)
I reported 2 scenes for a good reason but they are still there...
To Xray,

(This happened at 10/3/18 BTW) WHY is uploading disabled, Xray? Seriously, the last scene uploaded was, like, yesterday. Can this stop, pleease? You know I don't spam download or spam comment or anything! If you stop this, I'll try my best to not do anything bad. :/ <_<

Also, you can choose a reward if you stop this:

- Ban me for a week :|

- A thank you scene :tup:

- A good scene with cool stuff so you can make your stuff look cooler, and therefore get more subscribers :coolgrin:


Last edited at 2018/03/10 01:35:29 by NM0501
You know what, I think you are doing Stormstar's friend's suggestion.
(A timer between scenes, but longer than expected)
Is the worm moving by itself, or you control it by using your mouse? (#dumbquestion)
Xray, something’s happening, no one can upload scenes.
Can you please tell when you’re going to fix it and what’s going on.

Message to everyone.....

The reason why you cannot upload scenes is because someone at Algoryx (the company that owns Algodoo) placed a lock on uploading scenes to Algobox. Even I cannot upload scenes. The reason why they did that is because I told them that I can no longer be Admin. And I believe they locked it because of the fact that Algobox now has no Admin to watch over it.

Because of my very busy personal schedule, I can no longer devote time to my duties as an Admin here on Algobox, and that's why I had to quit.

I believe that Algoryx will assign some other Admin to take over these duties, but I do not know who that person will be or when that might happen. You will just have to hang-tight and wait to see what happens.

This is just an informational comment, and as such, I will not respond to any other comments or questions concerning this issue.

Feel free to cut and paste my comments above to pass them along to others.

Maybe that someone hacked to algobox then locked all scenes so we cannot upload?

Is the admin going to be active and stay strong like you?

Because if not, it'll ruin the fun of our Algobox.
Last edited at 2018/03/13 12:16:49 by MLMoyman33
The fun of algobox is already ruined actually:lol: - been like that for about 3 or 4 years.

In all honesty I hope Algobox actually dies completely so we are forced to use other sharing means - of course i mean Algoboards, but others could be used as well, f.e. the official algodoo forum.

Algobox has always been a mess since the heavily-cut-down-in-features integrated browser was made, but at the start of it there were just a few crap scenes and it was extremely easy to just ignore them. The sorting system made by Emanuel makes zero sense since you need to use a method that literally nobody from the huge kid community uses - an empty dropdown on the integrated scene upload system, that needs to have a group selected, would have been the perfect fix for the marble flood. but that requires an update to Algodoo, and holy God that seems impossible to Algoryx :P

And let's not even talk about the horrible featured & popular by rating or views or downloads system. It's so incredibly broken that scenes never even cycled through there...:lol: The featured scenes have a boatload of dl's and replaced the ones on the most downloaded...

so yeah, i'd be completely fine if Algobox just became a huge archive with no possibility to upload scenes. Hell it's probably the best way to end our trouble with the kids...
Well, The Linkage, you just may get your wish! I really have no idea what Emanuel has planned for Algobox, but I can almost guarantee that it won't be anything major. Algoryx has no financial incentive to make any meaningful or dramatic changes to the web site. All everyone can hope for is maybe another "Bandaid" fix of some sort. I have always pushed to divide Algobox into two separate sections: One for the children, and another for the experienced technical people. But I know that that will probably never happen. :mad: It's never a good idea to allow children and adults to play together in the same sandbox. ;)
Last edited at 2018/03/15 02:32:36 by Xray
I dearly hope someone gets that last scene out of the most commented section after/if Algoryx assigns the new mod. you know, for aesthetic reasons:lol:
why do you have to leave:'(
i mean you can be an admin still just sometimes inactive
ill miss u
@The linkage
I agree with you. I ran away, because I couldn't stand this crap anymore. I've always developed games so far, but it just became too dumb with the kids! Now I used a game engine and am very happy with it.
For all the people who are interested in game development: