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Whodunnit Season 3 Episode 1

screenshot of the scene

Author: TheUniqueGreen

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.8 MB

Date added: 2018-02-16

Rating: 5

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Scene tag

1. You can make confessions now!!! Just use the confessional bench that is located at the left side of the bouncy castle. Post a scene of your confession.
2. I need help for making the dead poses.
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Can we make more cohosts in s4? I’d love to:D
of course
i made a cohost for a next season
Aren't you going to answer Harris?
i will, but not now.
Oh my kidding me?
I'm mad.
Most of the users are probably sleeping.
I know...:)
I might concentrate on doing the dead poses then playing the game.... Once you've seen me answer, tell me who died
lol no one is even answering how blue died
well i guess im the first one
Navy got annoyed at blue for not helping him with the spider so he was his first target. when everyone was in teh kitchen he snuck off and went into the dining room and placed soda next to eveyones seats . But instead he drained out one soda and put alot of hotsauce in blues soda. Then he just had to wait for him to take a sip cause Navy knew blue doesnt handle spice well and now he just watched as he shriveled up and died on the floor. Poor blue
and btw Navy also Put Tape over the faucet
lol blue wins Season 2 (Mariofan) and dies first on season 3 (Green)
I can't find my room anywhere on the map, guess i have to sleep on the ground.
Killer: Sky?
Well, let's just skip the motive because i think it's obvious at this point. Anyway, i think the thing Cy-Blu told everyone is that the faucet is not working. Sky used that information for his murder. Sky first took everything out of the refrigerator, and then putted a hot pepper in Blue's food. Since the faucet did not work, Blue was unable to get water. And since the refrigerator was empty, Blue was not able to cool down his head, which was really hot, and died.
I can't understand why you killed me but whatever
You are joking...
Matt is dead FIRST?!
He won Mario's second season of Whodunnit!
Why is he ded first....

Anyways, time for the killer, and how it played out.
The killer for me, is you, Dark Purple.
Here's how our scene played out:

When Blue got mad at the rules, Dark Purple overheard him.
She thought nothing of it until two more incidents came.
The first one being when Blue pushed Magenta and Magenta's bow went straight through her hand.
The second being when Blue got liquid on Dark Purple's computer.
Because only Magenta and Dark Purple are prime suspects this case, and Magenta's hand is severely wounded, only Dark Purple can be the killer. Dark Purple first gave water to everybody else, but a special liquid to Blue-A large amount of cough syrup. She knew that either he'd get sick at some point and die, or choke on the cough syrup.
After ingesting the cough syrup, Blue choked on it vigorously, but Dark Purple cleaned out the entire water supply, preventing him from washing the cough syrup down.
Blue then died right in front of everybody, with a face redder than the red on Latvia's flag.
So how about it, Dark Purple.
What do you have to say about this?
Killer: Dark Purple

Took me a while to think.

What happened BEFORE spilling occured:

Blue was just 'kinda' messing around.

Lilac and Lavender are enjoying their time...

Blue then...


Blue: I'm sorry, that's just an accident!

And then...

Dark Purple: Why is my laptop wet?

Blue: I'm sorr--


Blue: OK! I'm so sorry! Please don't kill me!


Lavender: Don't say that!

Magnesium Tile: Put myself in there

Everybody else hears something, sizzling...

It was Magnesium Tile trying to be a part of a drink!


Dark Purple secretly puts some Pure Capsaician chili onto Blue's plate...

Magnesium Tile: DID YOU WENT TO A SHOP?!?!

Dark Purple didn't say anything.


Blue ate the Pure Capsaician chili sauce...


Blue's face turned red...

Then he collapses...

BTW, I'll make a revival place where eliminated contestants will be kept until the last episode.
Likelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelike (Thats 4 u SlimeBlobFlynn)
Killer: Magenta
Killed: Blue

Well, when Magenta was practicing Blue and Dirtish Olive pushed her, and she got mad, and had to go to the hospital. Once she arrived she was still livid at Blue and D. O. so she decided to kill one of them. She then poured a special substance into Blue's drink. Just in case he tried to find water, she got rid of all of it.

I hope I wasn't the killer, I died early season 2 too.... ;-;
1.I will update Sky's description.

2.LOL!!!!Blue made it to top 10 last year and knocked out first.

3.Water can share his dorm with Dark Sky (unless Water tries to kill him)

4.I really want to make a new mansion.


Reason/s: Sky was really angry at both DO and Blue for hurting Magenta. So he decided that he would attack both of them and maybe kill them. In his attempt to killed DO he punched him and it hurt a lot but he didn't die. So when Magenta was back, he told her and Navy his plan. He told Navy to remove all the stuff from the refrigerator and told Magenta to do prepare a dish which can make Blue so hot and he couldn't find the water. This happened during they were cooking.He also used his ability to control water and his advanced maker skills
Last edited at 2018/02/17 08:14:11 by LittleGenius88
Black:can water stay in my room with me ?
Last edited at 2018/02/16 16:13:15 by Ax0y
Confessinal: Well No everyone is gonna suspect me for killin blue.
Killer: Sky
Sky was mad at blue for what he did to me, and so he killed him by putting ghost chillis in his dinner
Killer: Dark Purple (suprising)
Killed: Blue (wow, suprising!)
So, I guess. When Blue bumped Lilac and Lavender, the drinks spilled onto Dark Purple's laptop, which was about 23,456 DOLLARS! So you can see, Dark Purple got "LIVID" and ran away. Dark Purple probably ran and put spice (I agree with Hard Hat Beaver) and waited...and like what happened, Blue couldn't handle spice, and died. The only thing I can't solve is how there was no water. That was probably just a coincidence.
By the way, TheUniqueGreen, why didn't you use Sironn? I WANTED YOU TO USE SIRONN!
Killer: Magenta
DEad: Blue

Reason: Blue pushed Magenta so she wanted revenge.
By the way, can someone tell me how to copy stuff from other people's stuff and put it on your stuff?
So for example, you know how you make a camp, right? And then you copy the competitior that the user submitted, right? How do you do that?
Because I'm gonna make a camp.
Killer: Sky

Reason: He was mad at Blue for hurting Magenta.
Killer: Dark Purple
Killed: Blue
Reason: Magenta cries with anger, having a motive to kill blue, but Dark purple was livid and runs to the faucet and refrigerator to clear out the water because you gotta have dat water! So dark purple hides it, no where to be seen. The plan is set, (Blue dies) BAM mission accomplished, a big threat out of the way!
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