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Simply Survive Epsiode 1

screenshot of the scene

Author: BlueKazoo

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.56 MB

Date added: 2018-02-11

Rating: 5.6

Downloads: 2851

Views: 617

Comments: 41

Ratings: 2

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Sorry that this was put off by 2 days. An unexpected event happened that was out of my control.
Last edited at 2018/02/11 22:04:36 by BlueKazoo
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Remember; there are 2 of every object to be chosen. These items will help later further in the game. I guess you could consider them as a type of token.
I want to be Pink Lemonade
I choose Granola Bar and Compass.
O gee, uh a Knife and a compass
water bottle and walkie talkies
Items left:
Beauty Kit x2
Book x1
Bug-spray x1
Dental Floss x2
Fishing Net x1
Flare Gun x1
Flashlight x1
Life- Jacket x1
Magnifying Glass x1
Sheet x1
Sunblock x2
Sunglasses x1
Toilet Paper x1
Toothbrush & paste x2
Toothpick x2

*ADHLPTX, I'll give you a small water bottle to make up for that. It won't last long though.
*Raspberry, there is no axe left.
*Blueberry, there is no rope left.
*Mystery, there is no pillow left.
*Pineapple, there is no compass or water bottle left.
Last edited at 2018/02/12 12:48:25 by BlueKazoo
Caramel:ill take the first aid kit and the Flashlight
Gee,this is so hard.Um...Bug spray and cell phone.
axe and granola bar
con: i fell like i dont have enough food to last through the day...
I'll take the Fishing Net and a First-aid Kit.
Orange: Matches, large water bottle
Pillow and Sheet.
The walkie talkies x3 (I will have 1 walkie talkie and Plum [PickleRick] and Raspberry {nilsthegerman} will have the other 2 for no reason) and
the large water bottle since you die of thirst after 2 days

Confessional: I should've gotton the granola bars... wait, what flavor were they? Hand me a granola bar....Guacomoli!!!!! Digusting!!!! I'm glad I didn't pick that. I guess I'll just have to share with someone else. Also, I'm guessing there's no alts because I said that brother would be Pineapple but it didn't show up. Oh well. I guess my brother can be this rock! He chooses the first-aid kit and the rope. And I'm NOT going crazy!! ':(. What's that rock brother of mine... there's no reception here because we're in the middle of nowhere so the cell phone would be useless? See, he has a mind too you know. Who else would've thought of that? And, again, I'm NOT, NOT, going crazy.
Rope and a match
I just realized that me and Blue cotton candy (kyles51) chose the exact same two items (the water bottle and the walkie talkies) Cool!:J
That was also a confessional (That is going to be a long confessoinal so you don't have to add that last part if it's too long already)
Coco-cola and lantern
Book and Magnifying glass.


What is the book about?
If it's about wilderness survival, I would read it.
If it's about something irrelevant to survival, i would rip a few pages, and use the magnifying glass to start a fire.
Life-Jacket And Flare Gun.
Btw,Im Screaming At Thumbnail.
Cell phone and pillow
Please let me have a water bottle. I downloaded the episode on a different device like an hour before I posted my comment and when I did have my computer, I didn't have wi-fi so please let me have a water bottle. I'll die of dehydration if I don't have water after 2 days!!! I also didn't see the comment that said there was only 2 of each item. Maybe someone will share with me if all else fails. Orange and Blue Cotton Candy, could you share with me please? We have to work together if we want to survive and I'll let you recommend as many characters as you want for my show and they'll all be in the debut and they might even join the show! If you both don't want to share, and there's no way I could get another water bottle, then I guess I'll get the flare gun because I'm sure we'll need to have it at the very end of the season. (that was a confessional)
And if no one's looking and someone with a water bottle dies, I'll steal it from them. Muahahahaha. MUAHAHAHAhaaaaaa. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA
is there a debut
sunglasses and axt IDK
Rope and Knife
cOCa cola AN Toilet paepr
uh lantern and pillow
Compass and Large Water Bottle
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