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Seawolf (with SOUND!)

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.21 MB

Date added: 2018-01-27

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 2541

Views: 609

Comments: 18

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

Uses AlgoSound by s_noonan.

This is the first time I have used s_noonan's sound utility in a scene. Seawolf is my version of an old arcade video game that I made a few years ago, but now the modified version is so much better with sound effects! Thank you s_noonan for giving Algodoo what the developers should have given it a long time ago.

If you have trouble getting the sound to work, the game will still work without sound, but it's not quite the same. :)

UPDATE: Here are 3 links to the required sound files:

Store the three "wav" files into your Algodoo/sounds folder.
Last edited at 2018/01/27 21:09:27 by Xray
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OMG! Maybe the best game in the Algobox!:tup:

You need to tell us where to get the sound files. I get the error "File 'sonar.wav','Torpedo_Launching.wav', and 'Torpedo+Explosion.wav' not found."

P.S. Users can get the files here (right-click and select "Save Link As..."):

P.P.S. The scene works great after I added the sound files to the "sounds" folder. Nice work. :tup:

See the YouTube video here: Seawolf. Xray, you can post the youtube video in the Description if you choose.
Last edited at 2018/02/23 22:51:47 by s_noonan
Thanks, wild bill. I appreciate the feedback and kudos. :)

s_noonan - I made the assumption that once a sound file is used, Algodoo will automatically save it. But I guess I was wrong. If users are required to download and store specific sound files with each new scene that has sound, then that is just too much "monkeying around" (as my wife would put it). Most users want turn-key software, or at least software which is very simple to set up and configure. Algosound is a great work-around for something that should have been incorporated into the software, but if it requires a lot of monkeying around in order to make it work, then many users simply will not bother with it. Thanks very much for your helpful comments. :)

Oh, concerning links to my wav files, I will need to search for them again. I just did a Google search until I found a couple of "sonar" and "torpedo" sounds that sounded how I expected them to sound (based on old submarine movies). I'll see if the links you show are the same as mine.

UPDATE: I added 3 links to the scene Description.
Last edited at 2018/01/27 20:37:29 by Xray

I agree with your "monkeying around" statement. Here are some possible solutions:

1. Build a library of sounds that apply to most scenes.
2. Create an Algodoo function that writes the sound urls to a text file. The vbScript or Python file can then download the files invisibly from the internet before processing any sound commands.
3. Only make scenes that use the original sounds.
4. Only use the text to speech component of AlgoSound. Make up words that sound like the sounds you desire.
5. Use two utilities, wav2hex and hex2wav. Convert the wav to hex, save it as a variable in Algodoo, Algodoo prints the hex to a file, then have AlgoSound convert the hex file to a wav. file.
Last edited at 2018/01/28 00:28:34 by s_noonan

Lose exp 0:(
Last edited at 2018/01/28 03:31:03 by abcd123
s_noonan wrote: "4. Only use the text to speech component of AlgoSound. Make up words that sound like the sounds you desire."

Why? Please explain....
Q: Why?
A: Since text to speech does not require an external sound effect file, you don't need to supply the .wav file or url to the sound effect file. So the text for the torpedo launch could be "oooooooooooooooooooo", the text for the explosion could be "kibluem", and the text for the sonar ping could be "pean".
Now I get it! :x But can realistic and convincing sounds be made with just text? I'm not so sure, but it's worth playing with it.

Q: Can realistic and convincing sounds be made with just text?
A: No.

I just tried using TTS for game sounds and it did not work well because it can only process one voice at a time.
Last edited at 2018/01/29 01:26:20 by s_noonan
By the way, I'm curious if my sound links work Okay for other people besides me. Could you download my three sounds and tell me if they work as expected?
Yes. I downloaded them shortly after you had posted them. They sound great and are much better than the ones I had suggested. I then changed the links in my original comment to your sounds with the intention of saving users the step of cutting and pasting the urls.
Thanks again! I appreciate your help.
This is completely unrelated to the scene, however I've encountered this one extremely annoying issue for so long now:

>Is cutting an object up so that i can change the color of each segment so that i can texture it

>Suddenly, the console spams "freeing up memory" and half the items i just cut dissappear!

Based on the console thing, Im 99.999% sure that its because algodoo doesn't have enough memory, and in that case, how exactly do I give algodoo more memory to work with?
Please refer to Xray's comment below.
Last edited at 2018/02/06 08:51:59 by s_noonan
MoBuilds wrote: "This is completely unrelated to the scene...."

Then it would have been better for you to ask technical questions in the Algodoo FORUM. When you ask your technical questions in a scene comments that are unrelated to the particular scene, you limit the number of people who might be able to help you. The Algodoo FORUM is not nearly as active as it was a few years ago, but I believe that you would still have a better chance of getting your questions answered by very smart people (including s_noonan, kilinich, and a few others, even ME!).

The algobox is not fixed
Last edited at 2018/03/25 12:10:36 by abcd123
Yes, I know.
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