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Mariofan5's Whodunnit S3 Ep.3 (Mysterious Murder #1)

screenshot of the scene

Author: Mariofan5

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Date added: 2018-01-22

Rating: 5

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SlimeBlobFlynn, Harris, and Hard Hat Beaver win immunity into the final 10!

Srry, I didn't clarify the situation enough. Only one person is dead. There were two people in the bathrom, but one of them was still alive. P.S. I fixed the clue system.

Credit to Hard Hat Beaver for Cyan(RainingMoneyx)'s death pose
Last edited at 2018/01/22 12:07:11 by Mariofan5
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I think our two victims are KR and Yellow, with the killer being PI! Let me explain.:

So, it started with the race to the mansion. When Yellow cheated, PI got really angry at him for doing so, and also for hurting MF. The thing PI said under his breath was a murder threat, which just so happened to be a truthful threat to Yellow.

But what about KR?

What happened was that Obsidian secretly told PI about the incident, and he comforts her, and promises to pay them back.

So, PI went to kill them both.

PI first killed Yellow by absolutely cutting him open so much, which made the bathroom redder than the background of this scene.

KR then is next to go, with PI turning to her next, crushing KR's head in with a hammer he found earlier.

He then stared at his work, acting like he just found it, when everybody else came.

However, he left the hammer at the scene.

That is how I think PI pulled this case off.
Killer:Purple Infinity
He killed Yellow for throwing the rock,and Krystal Ruane for be mean
fastest the hexagon infinity hammer lightning Obsidian killed yellow Dining Room Kitchen Freezer Lazer Tag Arena spa and Arcade The Fastest Turbo Future everything
Killer: ?
Killed: ?

Ok, so this is a bit confusing. The killer is either Yellow or KR, but the victim is also either Yellow or KR.

Final Killer Answer: Yellow

Just look at Yellow’s dislikes. KR tried to make him talk, but then Yellow SOMEHOW uses magic to create a giant hammer. Then... CRUSH!!!
Let’s look at the contestants who were in the kitchen.

Vanadium Tile: Huh. I heard screaming again. Wait, where is Yellow and KR?
Everybody else except Yellow and KR: They went to the-
Vanadium Tile: I think they went to the bathroom.
Cyan(FireyBFDI): Wait, but that means...

Yellow ran back into the kitchen like nothing happened...
i dont really have much to say about this
obsidian is mad at KR for slapping her in the face so she was her next victim
she carefully and quietly grabbed whites hammer or something like that and a pressure plate the same colour as the bathroom andplaced it on the floor then created a mechanism to drop the hammer and kill KR when she steps on the pressure plate it also somehow ripped him in half

and are u lazy or somethin u didnt change the crime scene
And also she just stabbed Yellow and pinned him to the wall
Killer: Purple Infinity
Killed: Yellow
See, Purple Infinity was mad at Yellow for throwing a rock at him so he decided to kill him, he used a hammer where he probably borrowed from someone, then in breakfast, he went to the bathroom and smashed Yellow, Krystal Ruane was the one who screamed btw.
My confessional: Hmmm... I just realized that the dead contestants are in the basement!
I'm changing!!!
Killer: Salmon
Mikecrack was playing Uno together with Cy-Blu, Salmon, Obsidian, and Krystal Ruane.

Although, when he won (I think), Krystal Ruane throws all the cards away and slaps Obsiadian.

He was shocked of what Krystal Ruane has done to them especially Obsidian.

So, he decided to get revenge...

But before that, Purple Infinity must've said underneath his breath that he wants to kill him, but he wants a different person to do it for him.

He told everything to Mikecrack of what Yellow has done to him and Yellow.

So, Mikecrack has now have to kill 2 person at the same time.

When everyone has finished breakfast, Mikecrack invited Krystal Ruane and Yellow to go with him to the bathroom.

What they didn't know is that Mikecarck actually got a big hammer.

When they have reached the bathroom...

Mikecrack closes the door, and immediately cuts Yellow.

After what he has done to Yellow...

Krystal Ruane screams very loud meaning to say that she is scared.

Mikecrack must've gotten nervous and immediately took out his hammer and smashed it into Krystal Ruane head.

Krystal Ruane's head then collides to the wall.

After that...

Mikecrack immediately opens the door and runs away from the crime scene.

He probably went back to his room, and pretended that he is taking a nap.

What he didn't know is that he left the hammer that he used.

When everyone has reached the bathroom...

Of course, the were shocked...

Mikecrack just blended into the crown without hesitation.

He must've been nervous again, because he left the hammer he used to kill Krystal Ruane.

Everyone must've saw Yellow that seems to be moving.

Again, Mikecrack was extremely nervous, because he thought when Yellow alleviate.

Yellow will spill the beans, and he will get caught.

And that's how Mikecrack did it.

PS: The clue system is wrong. Why?:
1. In the Crime Scene it says; -Cyan's blood everywhere, and - Knife inside Cyan.
2. The Whereabouts says that they were killed at the Kitchen. Which is wrong.
That's my full answer.
PPS: This is my longest response ever!!!
The killer is Mikecrack not Salmon, SORRY!!!!
I know. SRRY. I was tired last night.
i say killer is white
and killed is obsidian

white is the killer well white ar everbody (a lot of peppel)not eveybody have slap obisdian soo white in the kitchen AR THE LEFT up coner no on look too him
white smash whit the hammer on obsidian and she died(no on listen to white)
white goes on he,s place and no on look over then look minty fresh over too obsidian and scream AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missread description ignore yellow death or KR
Wait, only one person died? Phew, i was worried there for a second!
Killer: Obsidian
Victim: KR
Obsidian was mad at KR for slapping her in the face, so she planned revenge. When Obsidian was running away, she was going somewhere to get a big hammer (i dunno where tho). Obsidian then waied until KR went to the bathroom, and she smashed her with the big hammer. However, i was walking around there too, and i witnessed the whole thing. So she also smashed me with the big hammer. I survived it however, but i was also knocked unconcious by the hammer, and Obsidian put me into the bathroom too, thinking that i was dead.
lol but how did Cyan kill me anyways, he wasnt even close to the car XD
i know who died i will make dead poses
Challenge is over.
Confessional: I would like to apoligize to Purple Infinity and Minty Fresh... I mean, i didn't wanted to hurt any of you, maybe i'm just addicted to mario kart. Also, if you have any intention of killing me, i won't mind.
sorry me and my brother were grounded 2
months sorry
Let me say that correctly, me and my brother will be grounded for two months soryy.
By the way, my brother i
s ReZnoxx.