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Whodunnit Camp Season 2 EP. 5 (Choking Hazard)

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Author: TheUniqueGreen

Group: Marble & Athlons & BFDI & Camps

Filesize: 1.34 MB

Date added: 2018-01-12

Rating: 5

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Comments: 23

Ratings: 1

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No one got the killer right... Shame, thinking it was Light Blue, but Light Blue isn't the killer.
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killed Lincoln Loud
killer Olivine Quartz
the Hexagon Infinity everything hover fastest like triple kill everyway too darkest the infinity turbo hexagon knife sword diamond
Killer: TODS
Killed: Red-white
Red white was hosting the competition on who was the smartest and after that, TODS got mad at Red-White, so when Magi-Purple was cooking, TODS put carbon monoxide in the food somehow, then when it was time to eat lunch, TODS assigned the poisoned one to Red-white.
Killer TODS
Killed Minty
TODS And Minty Did A Smart Contest, Because TODS Want Minty To Beat Me But TODS Knew He Would Win. But He Didn't Win So He Was Mad. He Secretly Grabbed Carbon Monoxide So He Can Die. He Thought It Will Get Mixed But He Actully Died! So He Was So Happy In His mind.
This one is hard...
Victim: Red-White
Murderer: Cuddles
When Cuddles was cheering up TODS, he thought that the contest could've just been a prank made up by Red-White, and decided to kill him. When Cuddles and Blue went to the kitchen for food, Cuddles secretly put carbon monoxide in the food Magi-Purple was making for Red-White. In afternoon, when Red-White was eating his food, he started choking because of the carbon monoxide, causing him to fall of his chair, his face to get purple, as he was slowly falling to his death.
Also, hugh, Minty isn't scared.
He was angry for not winning the competition and killed Red-White
can u exus me fr dis one epesond pls?
Sorry TheUniqueGreen can I do it tomorrow because I can't do it today?:bonk:
Killer: Lincoln Loud (me)
Killed: Rose Gold

Reason: I was upset that Rose Gold was dating Lime and not me. So I decided to kill her because I thought that if I couldn't have Rose Gold, then nobody could.
Killer: Jade (ME) O_O
Killed: Rose gold
to lazy to do explanation (Lenny face)
killer: tods
killed:Minty fresh
reason:idk prob tods added Carbon monoxide inside his food to make him choke.
I'll make this one short.
Killer: Cuddles
Victim: Red - White
Reason : After TODS told Cuddles what happened, he was mad and wanted to kill Red - White. He went to the kitchen and put the carbon monoxide inside his food, and when lunch time came, Red - White choked to death. It also could've been Lincoln and I was the victim, but Lincoln didn't go to the kitchen.
Feel so bad...
TheUniqueGreen, I made a statue for you if you wanna see on my scene.
I suspected TODS a million times and I never guessed it!
I' m still busy.

Killer: TODS
Killed: Minty Fresh

Reason: TODS was so angry because he studied hard and sneaked near Minty Fresh putting Carbon Monoxyde on his plate.
TODS was 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
I am still decided between two for the killers but I know the victim (hopefully)

By the way....

1.Me and Sky would like to say sorry to Blue,TODS and Light Blue for suspecting them for no reason
2.Just 3 SPOTS left in my camp! Wohoo!

(The answer is coming soon...hopefully)
Last edited at 2018/01/13 18:14:53 by LittleGenius88
I'm going for it....
(Can I nail this?)

Killed: Red-White
Killer: Cuddles
Reason/s: When Cuddles went to cheer up TODS, he probably told him about the contest and like TODS he wanted to do something. So when he cheered TODS enough, he went to get the Carbon Monoxyde (probably his idea came when he was talking to TODS) and went to the kitchen to prepare something for him. Also, last episode since he was friend with Light Blue, he told him to get a butcher's knife and Light Blue trusted him, so before he took a nap, he went to kill Tan.

(If Sky doesn't get this right, he will do 100 push-ups everyday for the rest of his life,(no just kidding))
Last edited at 2018/01/13 18:54:53 by LittleGenius88
I feel like somthing's off in this episode...
Can someone tell me what it is?
Killer: Magi-Purple
Killed: Lincoln Loud
Magi-Purple was cooking the food and put some carbon monoxide and it was Lincoln coz Magi-Purpe is mean to her and that means MP is Lincoln's enemy soooo.........

(gotta get this right)
I've been watching stuff on Youtube ike this, wish I could join when I had the chance.
Murdered: Red-White
Murderer: Transparent Opaque Dark Spring
How They Were Murdered: After Minty Fresh “won” the contest, Transparent Opaque Dark Spring got suspicious of how somebody as intelligent as him could’ve been beaten by somebody who has “just been looking for a job and came across this camp.” He came to the conclusion that a Red-White rigged the results in Minty Fresh’s favor. Transparent Opaque Dark Spring then decided to poison Red-White’s drink with Carbon Monoxide, causing Red-White to choke and die.
<color=lime> Sprry for being inactive guys, but I am back! </color>
do you know that Mariofan5 is doing Whodunnit Camp Season 3 Sign-Ups early right? If not, you can sign up for it because there's only 3 spots left!