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Whodunnit Camp EP. 4 (Chop, Chop, Victim)

screenshot of the scene

Author: TheUniqueGreen

Group: Marble & Athlons & BFDI & Camps

Filesize: 1.25 MB

Date added: 2018-01-07

Rating: 5

Downloads: 212

Views: 291

Comments: 45

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Everyone must do the challenge!!!
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Yay i got the killer correct!:)
Killer: Light Blue:(
When Light Blue went to apoligize to Tan, he didn't mean it. He was only trying to gain his trust to make him look less suspicious because if he would be friends with Tan, no one would suspect him for killing Tan because friends mostly don't do that. For Light Blue, that wasn't the case. After gaining trust from Tan, Light Blue went back to the mansion, specificlly the kitchen. There, he grabbed the butcher's knife and quickly walked away. He then walked to the living room, where Tan was lying on the couch, watching TV. Light blue chopped him into pieces when he confirmed nobody else was in the living room. After that, he quickly left the living room like nothing happend. Unfortunatly for him, he forgot to get rid of the knife, which made the case more simple. That's how Light Blue deceived and killed Tan.
Hmmmm... a dead person in a living room... (get it?)

killer:light blue?
;-; Well I'm with Lavendy now ;-;
Sorry:( _xFluffyy
killer:light blue
now the hexagon infinity hover too dark everyall way into killed lavendy why do death so everything where hexagon infinity purple the creepy
killer-Lt blue
reason-I've got no idea but he was in the kitchen and faked his friendship?
Killer:Light Blue
When he apologized to Tan he lied for be friend with cuddles again,but he decided to kill him because cuddles was friend with Tan and Light Blue hates him so he decided to kill him
Killer: Light Blue ( with the suggestion of Lime)
Killed: Tan
Lime was angry at Tan for bumping into him and told Light Blue (Because both seem like they want to kill Tan) of course, Light Blue agreed to, when Light Blue "went somewhere", he went to the kitchen, getting the knife, killing Tan, acting normal afterwards. ( Lime also acted normal afterwards.)
Killed : Tan
Killer : Light Blue
He Goes "Somewhere". Seems Suspicious Enough To Me.
killer:Light blue
I still wonder why Lime keeps guarding the bar and lounge...
killer: Magi-purple

Magi purple chopped tan for what he did to lavendy. and then fainted to look inocennt
Killer: Light Blue

Killed: Tan

Reason/s: Tan & Light Blue became friends to know more about each other so then Light Blue can kill him. Light Blue went to the kitchen, got a knife, sneaked near tan and chop chop, killed.

P.S. these coming weeks I can' t answer always because I will be busy.
Last edited at 2018/01/07 16:08:40 by Lukathlon46
I can't believe there is ANOTHER Whodunnit couple!


(Also, when everybody clapped their hands xD)
Must I also say this every time this happens? Yes.

I'm sorry for the awkwardness Hyper Giant and Puffball45476 D:
Bonnie never makes the
That's a big description!
Killer: Light Blue (suprised)
Killed: Tan (what so suprising!)
Not gonna say my reason because everybody is saying it right now.
I suspected Tan all the way (Sorry _xFluffyy)
He was my second suspect in episode 2.
But anyway,

Killer:Light Blue

Reason/s: It was suspicious enough about when he left Tan and Cuddles while playing tag to get "something".He wanted to kill Tan from when he was lonely and that's why he "apologized" to Tan so he doesn't stay lonely and he might have discovered something that led to this suspicious death. There wasn't written that Light Blue left the mansion so I'm sure it was him to kill Tan.Luckily for us remaining contestants, he left the knife which he used to cut Tan.

Any why don't you take them away from the mansion besides letting them stay in the mansion?
Pls join my camp
Just 21 spots
Wait, just in case I do rejoin, I have a new statue for Bonnie, use that just in case I do rejoin.
And the camp, yes I do want you do join it.
And before you do something about the camp, WATCH THE SCENE I MADE FIRST by pressing my profile.
Killer: Light Blue
When he apologized to Tan, he didn't mean it, and when he went to the mansion, he got the butcher's knife. Light Blue went somewhere. Somewhere = preparing to kill Tan.
It's me, Plu6htr5p, I just made a new account.
The only thing I dont get about Lavendy's dead body is that her whole neck down is pink, that isn't really right...shouldn't just the neck be pink?
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