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Walking, Jumping Life-Like Raptor Game V-3

screenshot of the scene

Author: wild bill

Group: Default

Filesize: 6 MB

Date added: 2018-01-03

Rating: 7.2

Downloads: 12189

Views: 2158

Comments: 64

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

This turned out much better than I thought it would and way better than the T Rex I made. He walks forward and backwards, jumps, wags his tail, blinks his eyes and bites. He looks alive! And its fun to go thru the obsticle course. Instructions in scene.

Let me know how it runs on your computer and if you were able to get the Pterodactyl.
Last edited at 2018/01/07 17:15:51 by wild bill
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Not just "good", this scene is EXCELLENT! Nice work, wild bill. :tup: _o_ :tup:
Thanks guys! I was just playing it and fixed a hang up when you jump to the top of the arch and miss, sometimes you would get stuck and no way out. It never happed while building the scene but Murphys Law after I It seems right now.
I can't jump!!
Just hold down the up arrow and keep holding it even after you are in the air. Once in the air, the sooner you let off the up arrow the sooner he will land. The farthest he can jump is by holding down the key until he lands on his own, without letting off the key.
Last edited at 2018/01/03 05:58:36 by wild bill
The scene runs nicely, but seems a little slow-motion because of the large size. I tried it in 2x simulation speed and i performed much better, and the movements of the Raptor looked real-time. Anyway, amazing to see you back after 4 years!
This is by far the best creation I have ever seen in Algodoo! Keep up the great work! Nice to see you after a couple of years!
Thank you guys!
This scene is awesome. The velociraptor has some good moves. I added f66fec_Velociraptor_Roaring_Sound_Effect to the scene on my PC by using AlgoSound.
Thanks s_noonan, I haven't tried algosound yet. Im gonna have to read up on it. I may add it to the scene and re-up it later on? Can it be added so it goes off when you do the "Roar" in the scene?
Q: Can it be added so it goes off when you do the "Roar" in the scene?
A: Yes, I did this by adding '"Velociraptor_Roaring.mp3", 0);' to the roar circle onCollide event (I had renamed "f66fec_Velociraptor_Roaring_Sound_Effect.mp3" to "Velociraptor_Roaring.mp3").

I also had to add the function to the scene by running the following in the Algodoo console: := (sParams, chan)=>{
sXFile := "snd" + chan + ".txt";
system.ReadWholeFile(sXFile) == ";" ? {
System.WriteToFile(sXFile, sParams)
} : {}

and add "Velociraptor_Roaring.mp3" to the Algodoo/Sounds folder.
Last edited at 2018/01/04 08:02:54 by s_noonan
Thanks s_noonan.
See roaring velociraptor here:

That is just too cool s noonan! Thanks!
s_noonan good ok
wow this is great! :tup:
Thank you very much Kilinich! :tup:
wild bill,

Regarding "I added a surprise", the texture is missing form that polygon because the image was not visible when the scene was saved. Make another copy of the polygon where the image is visible (you can shrink it and put it behind another object) before saving the scene.
Last edited at 2018/01/07 12:22:05 by s_noonan
Thank you s-noonan, I knew that but forgot to add it.
I had to go back to the previous version without the surprise ending until I figure out why when I put that texture in his hands go up and quit working. I had that problem when I first added that new finish but thought I had it fixed. There seems to be something going on with that texture that causes a problem. I will try to fix later and re-up the new surprise. This version doesn't do it.
I just added the finishing pic so its always there, I have had so much trouble getting it to either spawn or transparent until either an oncollide or laser hit. No matter what I try it jacks up the arms for whatever reason. I will try some other time to get it to pop into view but for now its just too cool of a pic to not have in the scene.
Regarding "jacks up the arms for whatever reason", I think the reason for this is that a number of circle onCollide events set the same spring's length and there is no guarantee which event will take precedence. I don't know how Algodoo sets the order of events. Also, I'm not sure about this, but the onCollision event may fire multiple times after the toggle bar comes to rest on the circle.

Keyed Toggle Switch may help remedy the situation.

P.S. No, that will not work. You need a Keyed Momentary On Switch.
Last edited at 2018/01/09 01:02:38 by s_noonan
Thanks s_noonan, the problem happens mainly as soon as I start the scene after I make any changes in layers or adding any objects. Sometimes it happens when the raptor walks thru the water if it didn't happen at the scene start. But it doesn't happen in the scene that is currently uploaded, if I make any changes to this uploaded version it will happen.
The scene works better, but it is still problematic, and will be until you fix the root problem. Randy is in pretty good shape. He's just doing what he is asked to do. The problem is that there are multiple onCollide events controlling each spring and there is nothing to ensure the order of events. The way I see it, the system is over-constrained, since the software has two things telling one thing what to do.
I used the spring dampening and axle speed to somewhat control the order that things happen and delay the reset to the at rest position after a jump or walking. On the jump controller theres also a laser that makes him take a ready to jump stance but that seems to make the jumping distance inconsistent when trying for a long jump.

And thank you for your input.
Delete the box at [-422.44543, 6.9613986] to make Randy's hands more reliable.
Last edited at 2018/01/20 21:09:40 by s_noonan
Nice scene, I promise also to try not make any other accounts.
"try"??? :huh:
Last edited at 2018/04/24 05:30:43 by Xray
I'm sorry for sharing the same scene twice, it was an accident. Thanks for deleting one of them.
Geez wild bill
Really it's hard
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