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Open Bolt BFMG - Belt Fed Machine Gun

screenshot of the scene

Author: The Linkage

Group: Default

Filesize: 170.06 kB

Date added: 2017-12-28

Rating: 7.2

Downloads: 19032

Views: 1628

Comments: 14

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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This is a little thingy I've been working on since I saw oileau's belt lift mechanism on Algobox. Been ages since I made the last one. The skin is totally half-assed, but i have no regrets :P If anyone knows how to fix the bullets' quirks like bullets going through the lower part of the barrel or getting deviated just when they get out of the barrel) please let me know, and I might even make a target shooting scene with this thing.

I know it makes near zero sense, being gas-operated, open bolt, and having a reciprocating barrel... But it looks cool right? :tup:
The piece that connects the bolt lock with the piston is like an M16 direct impingement tube because I like how it looks. No other reason lol

Put the belt on the feed tray and tug upwards a little. Not much finesse is needed but avoid getting a round above the bolt height. Then just select the fire mode and fire with W or with the drag tool. Drag the red belt release clockwise if you want to, well... release the belt.
If you fired before inserting the belt, either insert the belt and cycle ALL THE WAY TO BATTERY, or just cycle first and insert the belt after that.

It was gonna have burst but the mechanism needed to lift the semi-auto disconnector to, well, disconnect the trigger rod, but the force needed to do so was too much. Plus I guess you won't need burst on a belt-fed anyways :lol:
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Overall, you did a nice job on this gun. And now here comes the "BUT".....
it has a tendency to jam a lot, and in different situations. For example, the first time I fired it in semi-auto mode, the bolt slid forward into battery, but the round did not discharge. After poking around various things with my grab tool, it finally fired after I put forward pressure on the bolt. In full-auto mode, it jammed again after firing a couple of rounds. Occasionally, the ejected cases would fall back down onto the open bolt, and will cause the gun to jam when the bolt closes onto the case.

When the gun is behaving itself, it works quite well. And so it probably just needs a little TLC or "fine tuning".
I like it! The muzzle fell off the end of the barrel but other than that it worked pretty good. :coolgrin:
I guess that's all related to different PCs. In mine it almost never jams, sometimes after spending the belt about 3 times one of the rollers will bug and the bolt will chamber but not fire. But for me bullets often bug out of the barrel and the spring doesn't get killed...

Xray, could you try resetting your Algodoo? I usually have to reset it every two months, or it starts getting laggy and physics get worse

I'll keep it at 240 Hz, maybe try making it field strippable or something. We'll see i guess

@wild bill Lol for some reason I read that the barrel fell off... You had me really worried there! I'll add a fixjoint and it'll be good to go
I just looked at the barrel when I was about to upload it and felt that there was something missing. Didn't even play the sim
Last edited at 2017/12/28 14:40:53 by The Linkage
Can you make it faster with less jams?
Do you have enough hardware?
i am inspiration hahahaha still better job than me at least for the hd graphic, its already hard to make stuff work so good job man
Holy cow, dude. That's incredible!:tup:
Thanks :lol:
nice gun
not the most reliable but does the job done. 10 From me
Lol somebody rated 1. nice.
good job (hint if you use the cut tool and cut the linkage between a ceraiten amount of bullets you can customise the amount you load in!)
where is the feed tray? (i know nothing at all about guns)
@articiceberg97 ot you can just select them and delete them xd

@me11 it's a feeding port and it's the protruding thing that's on the lower part of the gun. it is pretty intuitive anyways