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Tire Smoking Drift Car V-1-3

screenshot of the scene

Author: wild bill

Group: Default

Filesize: 7.24 MB

Date added: 2017-12-24

Rating: 6.9

Downloads: 4599

Views: 497

Comments: 12

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

Merry Christmas!

A Tire smoking drift car leaving tire marks on the track.
Last edited at 2017/12/26 04:13:39 by wild bill
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I hope this goes on the featured page
Race f1
abcd123, I am working on an F1 game right now.
Last edited at 2017/12/24 11:43:43 by wild bill
Why it stops then release throttle? :s
Hi Kilinich, good to see you are still around. Auto
star vehicle that does not run right

players not :( :( :(

certain press wild bill
Last edited at 2017/12/25 12:26:45 by abcd123
abcd,it runs right.
The scene is nice, but it has the fundamental problem of these kind of scenes (and Algodoo itself) which is the lack of dynamic/static friction. In all these scenes it seems that you're driving a hovercar, since it always drifts. I tried to emulate static friction and it somewhat worked, but it was a total nightmare to tune so I finally left it semi-working... I guess it'd be nice if you or anyone else would try to retake from there. I'd really like to see a somewhat realistic vertical car scene thingy...

Also it's pretty weird that you can't steer while you're not accelerating, but that can be fixed real easy... Just make the steering thrusters' force proportional to the (module of the) car speed when you are not holding W. Maybe you'll need it to be non-linear, i don't know

Some of us are still here making scenes... I wonder for how long! :P
The Linkage, you are right about the vertical car problems. My car does steer a little bit right after you let off the gas and I had it "Coasting" longer and that let you steer more while off the gas, but the track is so tight that it was causing other problems. Its good to see some of the long time builders.

I am working on the craziest scene I have ever done and I its turning out way better than I had hoped. Should be done in the next few days.
I mean... it may be hard to control... but other than that this is a really fun game!
Thanks theoneguy.