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screenshot of the scene

Author: Stormstar-

Group: Default

Filesize: 262.86 kB

Date added: 2017-12-12

Rating: 5

Downloads: 120

Views: 102

Comments: 15

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag gave Cyan's 1 money to Trans. Rainbow.
Talk about a scene you have with lots of downloads and make your guess on why it might be the most downloaded.
This challenge is hard so the rewards are doubled.
1st:6 money
2nd:4 money
3rd:2 money
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My hghly donwloaded one is of an Algicosathlon I did where the competitiors were playing basketball and I created a machine that let the game go on without your intervention. I think people liked it because a) it's algicosathlon, duh and b) the scene was pleasing to the eye. I don't know if it's still up but I do know that I did get positive feedback on the design of the basketball court and the competitors that were still in the game.
Ball race
my bfdi?
my BFDI camp 1A has 100 downloads,i guess that since is 1A everybody wants to know how is the camp.
My Marble Race Contest had 300 downloads because a) It's a MRC, b) It is a contest and c) Well, I guess people wanted to download it just for fun.
My bro does not have an Algobox account so make another challenge only for him or give him a DNP but cut his votes in half.
I will use my RIT and my bro will use his RTT.
It might be Intense Marble Camp, since that was my friggin camp like eight months ago. Why it’s so downloaded is because that’s a camp, I mean it, a CAMP.
And I buy RTT and use it
For me the most downloaded scene is my MARBLE DERBY. The reason is because:
1. It is my first scene that I have created here in Algodoo.
2. Because it is fun.
3. It was inspired by Fan Glenn, maybe they wanted to check it out to see if it looks asame.
4. It doesn't have a single bug (I think).
That's all
Also, it has 685 DOWNLOADS.
My most downloaded scene is '365 days since my registeration' with just over 350 downloads, probably because
1. It's my first anniversary scene
2. It's a non Halloween-related scene posted on Halloween that actually make sense
3. I promised to create Algoalphathlon if this scene get 5 comments posted by different people
P.S. If I don't get any new commenter for that scene, I'll reset the commenter count and you'll need to comment again as I think you may have already forgotten about me
OMG I have to change I am sorry but here is my real answer:
For me the most dowloaded scene is The Marble race Contest for Antonton reason:
1. It is a marble race that I have made especially ofr Antonton's contest.
2. They must've checked if it is good enough to win the contest.
3. It is fun.
4. It doesn't have a single bug
That's all and the DOWNLOADS IS 1149!!! OMG Thank u for downloading that
Correction; only 1146 Downloads
my sign up with 80 people to sign up