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Crashable SAAB 9-3 Wagon (NOTE: No Joiners PERIOD, i dont wanna do joiners on this one)

screenshot of the scene

Author: JoshTGM

Group: Default

Filesize: 2.3 MB

Date added: 2017-11-20

Rating: 5.4

Downloads: 4273

Views: 327

Comments: 9

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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STAGE 6: COMPLETE! Realistic Size, Realistic weight,
no more parts than the crashable 2012 Audi Q3, which was like
1900 and a half... i made logos and the killers which are going to delete them. oh controls are, left: forward, right: backward, down:brake, B:parking brake
Engine will not collide with anything, credit to roman for engine which i added a few updates ago


Weakened the car axles so it ACTUALLY CRUMPLES instead of being strong jello
cut a little part on hood so it ACTUALLY CRUMPLES instead of falling through parts
upgraded torque and friction, so it gos faster and gets better grip
Last edited at 2017/12/15 15:07:35 by JoshTGM
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poor shocks
This is the Saab 9-3 Sport-Hatch Concept, not the actual 9-3 Kombi. I dislike this rock crawler type suspension with a box and a spring that people in algodoo have been using since the start. Why not look at a real suspension and make a strut with control arms? Also the chassis is indestructible so is this really a crashable car?
You should try using groups more, having one group the safety cage, another group the front structure, another the doors etc. and then making them different strengths. Anyway the car looks good and is put together properly but needs some refinements, have you seen my video on how to make a crashable car? Lucas Algodoo at YT.
yes, i have seen your vid, thats what "inspired" i guess, to make crashables, because it looks pretty easy, BUT ITS NOT, also, this is my 2nd crashable from the side, dont expect it to be good, it says so on crash box
also, i dont really like the box suspension very much, when i make it... it glitches like mad
thats so cool!:)
also, is that DanTDM at the end XD
i was gonna give it 10/10 but the car has too slow acelerotion
(sorry if my english is bad but im bulgarian:( )
thx Little Foxy

im making a wheel right now that has michelin defender tires and tread

also the center cap has no badge so i can use for whatever car i want, except for super sporty cars that have cool rims but it will look good on sedans and crossovers or whatever, the wheels will be on the next car i finish
you are doing a great job, but the is a bit slow.
you are doing a great job, but the is a car bit slow.