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Gumby Vs Alien Break Dance (with sound)

screenshot of the scene

Author: s_noonan

Group: Technical

Filesize: 0.55 MB

Date added: 2017-10-29

Rating: 5

Downloads: 720

Views: 143

Comments: 7

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Now uses AlgoSound. The music automatically starts and stops with the scene.

Last edited at 2018/01/06 19:36:51 by s_noonan
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You have my permission to upload a modified copy of this scene, which is mostly your work, anyway. Thanks for asking. :tup:

My take on sounds for Algodoo is this: In my opinion, the best way to give sound to Algodoo is to get hold of the source code, include files, compiler, editor, and any other support software that might be needed. Then maybe a software wizard like kilinich could figure out what it would take to embed a sound effects package with Algodoo which can be triggered via script commands. A project of that magnitude could very easily require hundreds of man-hours for a single programmer to design, code, test, debug, and document the project. It would be an awesome enhancement for those of us who consider Algodoo as more than just a marble camp or stick figure pose game.
You may be right. Did you try the program written by uCriterion mentioned in the description above? If you did, did it work out OK for you?
I may be overly cautious (maybe even to the point of being paranoid) but I do not trust any software that was generated by either an unknown company or person. I may be missing out on a lot of cool (and safe) software, but I've seen what a well-written virus could do to one or many people's computers. It ain't pretty. :o
I understand and respect that. I am cautious and paranoid also, but I guess not as much as you, since I did download the exe file and opened it after checking it with virus detection software. Many years ago I got a virus (homepage hijacker) on a computer and was able to track it down, after a fair amount of investigation, to a single pixel image in an email that had hidden code in the image.

P.S. This scene now uses AlgoSound, which I know is safe, since I wrote it. Also, the files that create the sound can be viewed in any text editor.
Last edited at 2017/12/03 08:29:58 by s_noonan
Gumby and the Alien dancing is MUCH better with music! Yes, I finally downloaded your AlgoSound(tm) utility. Nice job, by the way!

The one thing which doesn't seem to work right is changing from female to male voice. Is that supposed to work, or do you know of a problem with it?
Thanks for checking it out. Regarding "female to male voice", that is most likely system dependent. I'm running Win10 and I suspect it came with 2 voices. You can download more voices. Google "SAPI voices" to see how.
I'll try that. Thanks!