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200 legger

screenshot of the scene

Author: rorziz

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.84 MB

Date added: 2017-10-10

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 2165

Views: 365

Comments: 12

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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just thought id try it, boderline laggy
Last edited at 2017/10/10 14:32:31 by rorziz
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Yikes, how did you make this less than 20 minutes after that 100 legger?
How did you make this?
simple reallly, made one leg, coppied it 100 times, using the onspawn function gave each moter an individual number from 1-100. giving each foot a differnt collision layer (obviously there are only 10 collision layers but i have spread them evenly so they dont collide) then using the bend function i got each motoer to turn to its individual nuber *pi/50 (as 2 pi in a circle that the same as 2*pi/100) then stacked all the legs ontop of eachother with the power wheels lined up with eachother, merged the circles that power them as i only needed one, not 100! hope that makes sence.....
if you want to try it, the code was:

_x := 1
on spawn (e)=> {_x=_x+1}
(i did this 10 times then changed the code to (e)=> {_x=_x+10} and coppied the 10 legs ten times to make 100 legs to make it a bit quicker)

then in the motor, set bend to true, bend constant to +inf, motor force to +inf, and bend target to {_x*math.pi/50)}

clear the on spawn function from all motors before you play the scene as every time you play the scene it spawns the objects and you will end up with the individual numbers compleatly wrong!

(this only gives you one side, ie front or back, but simply copy, mirror, and align!)
Too bad the featured page won't update... This should be on there since its so LEG-Y. Get it?:lol:
Thanks for explaining how you did this. The approach may come in handy for some future scene.

Did you merge the circles using the brush tool and then change the resulting polygon back into a circle? If not, then what's the other way to merge 100 circles that are on top of each other?

Regarding collision layers, you could set all components of the walker to collision layer A and then set them all to "No self collision".
Last edited at 2017/10/10 23:31:03 by s_noonan
Ah i can't believe i didn't think of no self collision, never actually used that in a scene! thanks for pointing it out! yeah merged with brush and then changed to circle, although simply merging them would sometimes crash algodoo so i drew a circle a tiny bit bigger over the top and then merged them into that as algodo only has to use the outline of one circle for the polygon instead of 100 circles that no matter how hard you try to align will always be out by a fraction of a pixel! !
another glitch i have found is that once i have used all the motors in the bend function, even after changing all the settings back to normal, they dont work as a standard axle/motor, so i delete all the axles that i used for alignment and replace it with one new axle
Regarding "replace it with one new axle", I see 2 axles, both connected to the same 2 objects. The 2 axles are set at different speeds (15 and 30 RPM).
oh, thats me trying out differnt things, i believe it was the 30rpm that was driving it
there should only be one
it's too smooth