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Aim to Win Marble Race!

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Author: Kyle3912

Group: Marble & Athlons & BFDI & Camps

Filesize: 217.98 kB

Date added: 2017-09-10

Rating: 5

Downloads: 719

Views: 135

Comments: 4

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Credit to all.
I have returned! A whole new marble race with 26 marbles and a brand new tool - an alternator that randomizes where marbles go!
The marbles and the tool will also be used on the next version of "Marble Pack: The Newest!", which will be renamed to "Mega Marble Essentials".
Tell me your results or report bugs in the comments.
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1st Purple
2nd Olive
3rd Maroon
4th Lavender
5th Orange
6th Brown
7th Beige
8th Pink
9th Teal
10th Green
11th Blue
12th White
13th Light Blue (rename to Periwinkle)
14th Red
15th Cyan
16th Yellow
17th Sky
18th Black
19th Light Red (rename to Salmon)
20th Gray
21st Magenta
22nd Gold
23rd Lime
24th Night Sky
25th Navy
26th Turquoise
There were some colors Macky got wrong. As a color expert (Is that even real?) it's my duty to name colors that were incorrect.

Light Red - Rename to Coral (Salmon is a light shade of Rose/Hot Magenta)
Beige - Rename to Peach (Beige is a light shade of Tan)
Gold - Rename to Amber (Either stay as Gold or Rename to Amber
Turquoise - Rename to Spring Green (Either stay as Turquoise or Rename to Spring Green)
Sky - Rename to Azure (Either stay as Sky or Rename to Azure)
Night Sky - Rename to Night (L.O.L. I'm just shortening it.)
Light Blue - Rename to Periwinkle

There are other shades to add, like Yellow's Lighter Color is Ivory and then etc. You can ask questions about other colors I know. Time for the List

1st: Olive
2nd: Orange
3rd: Sky
4th: White
5th: Gray
6th: Magenta
7th: Black
8th: Turquoise
9th: Brown
10th: Cyan
11th: Light Blue
12th: Night Sky
13th: Maroon
14th: Lavender
15th: Blue
16th: Lime
17th: Pink
18th: Light Red
19th: Green
20th: Red
21st: Purple
22nd: Gold
23rd: Yellow
24th: Navy
25th: Beige
26th: Teal
Glad you're back!
1st Maroon
2nd Cyan
3rd Yellow
4th Light Red
5th Sky
6th Light Blue
7th Navy
8th Gold
9th Green
10th Blue
11th Olive
12th White
13th Pink
14th Brown
15th Lime
16th Magenta
17th Red
18th Night Sky
19th Beige
20th Teal
21st Purple
22nd Grey
23rd Orange
24th Turquoise
25th Lavender
26th Black
Hi!Thanks For The Alternator!