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Guess The Monster's Ages

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.51 MB

Date added: 2017-09-09

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 1269

Views: 310

Comments: 14

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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This is a simple logic puzzle for children. Instructions are in the scene.

CAUTION: This type of puzzle has been shown to be too difficult for Mechanical Engineers, and can cause extreme frustration and erratic behavior in that class of people if attempted by them.

Have fun! :*)
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Good job, MacIsBack! :tup:
This is too hard. I can't get past the first clue. I think I'll write a program to automatically try all combinations.;)
Good idea, s_noonan. Software always wins out over hardware, doesn't it? :x
Yes, it doesn't.
I agree. I should have used the word "sometimes" instead of "always". As you can tell, I was trying to be funny, but it didn't work! )|(
First try
Is this like a game or something to play mind games on you?
I'm not offending, just curious:/
This is not a "game". This is a puzzle. You have to solve it by THINKING about it, and then selecting the answers that you think are correct. If you never tried to sold a puzzle before, then you will probably be totally confused. I'm not offending, just stating a fact.:/
Dude that was a rhetorical question btw.
No, it was not rhetorical because you expected an answer when you said: "just curious". A rhetorical question is one that was asked only for the effect, and it does not expect an answer, such as "Isn't this the best burger you've ever tasted?". Some people might answer a rhetorical question like that, but it really doesn't seek an answer.
Wow, You were the first person to school me:o
And my fees are very reasonable.

can you do a solution?
I did it first try
See I'm so good at math