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Retro Riot - 2-Θ - I can predict the future...

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Author: Ultragamer564

Group: Default

Filesize: 209.97 kB

Date added: 2017-07-12

Rating: 5

Downloads: 365

Views: 160

Comments: 11

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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... Um, I don't know what to put here.
Last edited at 2017/07/12 16:17:15 by Ultragamer564
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Well I'll do this challenge in the comments:P

14th - Purple (Minecraft Chicken) Did bad in delta, and didn't do theta challenge.
13th - Yellow (Skinny Senik) - Does bad in 2-Θ, and then causes them to be eliminated,
12th - Red (somebook) - With a bad score, and already a DNP, they may probably DNP a bit more, and be eliminated
11th - Green (mintyotter) New people to camps sometimes don't last long.
New point in the game! Teams have been formed!
Team Captains: DavidRycan MLMoyman33

DavidRycan, alasmyfoe, EggStudios, nilsthegerman
MLMoyman33, happykyle1119, abcdefg, Artiplayz

10th - Brown (Artiplayz) With a somewhat unknown user, and a unpopularish color, they are voted out
9th - Navy (EggStudios) - nilsthegerman had been doing good in challenge, giving them a life token, sparing them, and eliminating EggStudios
8th - Pink (nilsthegerman) - DavidRycan's team is UFE, and they are new, and are eliminated

Rejoin and Debut
Rejoiner: Navy (EggStudios) Being a decent popular, and somewhat known out of the eliminated, they rejoin
Debuter: Dark Green (MarioBro1337) They are known, and have been wanting to join for a bit

Back to normal stuff

7th - Cyan (abcdefg) One of the weakest of the last few
6th - Navy (EggStudios) Also weak, and people dislike they are a rejoiner
5th - Orange (happykyle1119) Not as known as the rest
4th - Gray (alasmyfoe) Im somewhat late, so I feel like I'm gonna be eliminated now ; - ;
3rd - Dark Green (MarioBro1337) Not as known as DavidRycan or MLMoyman, and also a debutter
2nd - Blue (MLMoyman33) Played a great game, but not great enough
1st - Lime (David Rycan) Was excellent at challenges, and great popularity and luck.
Last edited at 2017/07/12 05:04:56 by alasmyfoe
done. and im not new to camp btw
Oh, now? Um...

Use it in a Delta episode to switch your position in the event with someone else. The thing is, you won't know which position you or they got until the Theta episode.
As for the prediction, I'm not great at predicting things, so...

First Purple (Minecraft Chicken) was eliminated, obviously.

I think Skinny Senik or somebook might go next, if they don't score high enough, and I have a hunch Senikwould do worse (don't ask why), so he'd go next.

After that, kyle might get screwed by bad luck in the event, and won't be able to recover in the event.

somebook's previous disadvantage finally catches up to him and eliminates him.

after that i haven't a clue. but i probablywon'twin
Lime is ruthless he don't get a 1st place
Yes purple was OVEROBVIOUS and RIGGED
How? In the delta stage she got 11th, and they didn't do the theta challenge, and theta stages are HUGE importances in the game, so it really wasn't, Kelper. Stop whining over you favorite color and how I hate it. I really don't, I just make them the "mean" character because other wise there wouldn't really be too much about the characters.
also ill buy an freeze token
why am i making a confessional? i'm not even in this camp XD
I can't predict the future, but...

14th: Purple (Minecraft Chicken) Presumably didn't do theta challenge, said challenge being important and got eliminated due to not doing challenge.

13th: Red (somebook) Unable to do challenges without a Windows computer, made me lose. (If Red returns in some way, just give him to someone else, you can't keep me in at this point.)

12th: Yellow (Skinny Senik)
They'll probably do bad, with their score in 2-Θ (wait how did I know that). They'll get eliminated with that.

You know what screw it, I don't wanna do this, just eliminate me, you know I won't win.