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Jeep Wrangler Softwheel

screenshot of the scene

Author: phunbox1 (T2k5)

Group: phunbox1

Filesize: 0.96 MB

Date added: 2009-02-23

Rating: 8.6

Downloads: 5030

Views: 6108

Comments: 20

Ratings: 158

Times favored: 4

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

A breakable Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with soft wheels and a LONG track. I`ve been making this for quite a while and finally decided to stop improving it.

The car has realistic size and mass. I made a hard-wheel version first which had even more realism but I had to sacrifice some of it to make the course more entertaining.

Use arrow-keys to drive normally and J,K,L to use the crawling gear (MANDATORY TO COMPLETE THE COURSE). For maximum torque, use both the arrows and the crawling gear simultaneously.

The track is not that hard as long as you take it easily, if you go out on full throttle, you will most likely ruin your suspension, get flat tires and trash the whole bodywork. It can take quite a bit of abuse before it refuses to go on further, though. On startup, it has 286 hinges.

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i didnt finish cuz it broke but i think thats my fault 5/5
I'd give it a ten if I could.
I really respect people who use real weight for their cars. 5/5 no question. best vehicle scene on phunbox (I overcooked it coming off the flat bit and my engine fell out (It was amazing!))
Brilliant! Loved it when a tyre went flat:)
MAN...THIS...ROCKS!!! It acts like a real one when your stuck with it and everything. this is more than a 5 for me.
Great stuff. I love destructable object models, no matter what they are; Target practice loves destruction:D
Managed the course with only (?) 12 hinge breaks and the spare wheel flapping off the back!
AWESOME!!! I poped my tire!!! SWEET!
Awesome! I love these types of coarses!:lol:
Haha awsome 5/5. I love the car and i LOVE how long this track is:D I havent yet completed it ive tryed like 5 times now and keep breaking:D but im getting there:D
wonderful...Very wonderful!!! 5/5
These trolls are becoming annoying...

Thanks for those who have given PROPER feedback though, I'm currently making a new track which is a bit more jungle-based. About 1 kilometer done now with lots of traps.:P

i like the ace ventura way to win you know floor it till your at the end oh and really good jeep 5/5
Best vehicle eva! Tire deformation and popping. Breakable suspension and an engine you can "kill". Oh and did I mention the whole thing can break apart? 5/5
The annoying thing with praising something is, you think that you have come across the best thing on PhunBox, you smother it in praise, and then you find something better. Giving it the same amount of praise seems sort of... shallow.

Never mind. This Jeep is kickass. It acts just like the real thing, which is appropriate for a physics simulation. I drove off a cliff a little too hard and the chassis snapped, but until then I was having great fun!... even though the front suspension was broken and the engine was poking through the bonnet.

If, however, you want to demonstrate your epicness even further, may I suggest you put a spare wheel in the back that we can actually swap with the others? That would be just.... oh, man, that would really be epic.
well seeing that phun is 2D that is impossible
it crash:P
Thats awesome.

Check this out
One word. AWESOME!!!