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Country Chaos (Cast Reveal)

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Author: Ultragamer564

Group: Default

Filesize: 180.16 kB

Date added: 2017-06-06

Rating: 5

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Yeah, I know, Pac-Cosathlon isn't out yet. Just want to do a mini series, ok?

Anyways, this will try to be original as well. It most likely will have a chance of not being just that, but i'll try.

18 countries that are most known (except for maybe a few) that will battle it out in this I guess. More rules will be explained later, but thats all right now.

Release of the first day will be at around 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM today, EST.

Also, Russia is female because the country has a higher female to male ratio. The rest have other reasons, if you have a problem with it, you don't need to blurt it out, if you want you can literally just imagine the character as a female.
Last edited at 2017/06/06 19:04:55 by Ultragamer564
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Sweden = Greece?
Russia is boy
poland is a boy
I fixed it up, also there are reasons why some characters are female. Here's one reason: Female to Male ratio. (This explains why russia is female)
If we did a comparison with Switzerland and Nurse Joy from Pokemon,

they'd be the same:D
Sad about Brazilo not being here... IT'S MY HOME COUNTRY!!
yay? Some country circles based off of Origins/Stereotypes of said countries. This will be interesting.
I hope this doesn't seem mean.
No country ball have girl eyelashes
Gender ratio is still not 1:1. its 8 F: 10 M:

Fix it
The fact that my country (Singapore) is even IN here is...
Thanks for the recognition ;)
~RMJK from the Little Ret Dot
i think canada is male
Hey! Rusia without Matryoshka isn't russia
I think my home country (Czech Republic) needs to be here as digging some thing BECAUSE: We have deepest hole in world that is 404 meters deep, BUT DONT MAKE CZ FEMALE!
U.S.A = MLG (Just My Opinion,Plz Dont Be Mad If you're Not In The US)
Why Is SK (My Home Country) Female?:(
Also SK Got Wrong Outlines (Their All Same On This)
Russia Should Be Friends With NK And USA Should Be Friends With SK
SK : South Korea
NK : North Korea
Why Should Be WE Scared Of North Korea? We Are Stronger Then North Korea.
You are under arrest
Reason: Ruining China's flag design
Im just wondering,why the hell is Singapore there and not some bigger country that more people recognise (like India) (I have been to Singapore and its great).And why is they nazi flag behind Germany?
I'll root for my country (UK) and Singapore cuz i like their noodles
Singapore is a triangle