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Marble Camp S6 1A

screenshot of the scene

Author: WyattTheMarbleRacer

Group: Marble & Athlons & BFDI & Camps

Filesize: 241.85 kB

Date added: 2017-05-07

Rating: 5

Downloads: 176

Views: 199

Comments: 35

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

You know what to do guys... Do the challenge
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i was late to join
i know im not in but ive got a team name
sizzor wizzor and i know thats a rubbish name
Hey, Ssundee1092, Don't worry, Chances are you will probably get an chance into the game,
I have an feeling some people might not do challenges and might be put up for resignups and then you sign-up for one and you are in.
can you just put me as any colour exept magenta,purple,lavenderand pink when some people are up for resignup
Yes I will, When it happens, I will notify you on the last scene you created. Okay. If green is up for resignups in the first episode in it, I will just put you as that color because I know that Green is your favorite color.
Hi guys! It is me, the guy that no one knows or cares about!
So yeah... This is one of my first camps I have joined so I am super excited, even though I will probably be kicked off first because no one knows me lol....
If I can survive the 1st elimination, my life will be complete! Anyway, good luck to my fellow teammates and competitors! You guys are going to do better than me anyway:).

Also Wyatt I have a question, can we make like a team logo or something?
blue is actually my favourite colour but who cares
wyatt do you know how to make marble races
@ssundee1092 Yes I do, I use Jack Spero's Marble Pack
Darn it, I forgot to put the 2 confessionals for the episode Darn it wyatt >:(
The Top 5
Confessional: I was not active for a while. That's why I didn't pick teams.
The Dark Stars
Ok so I did the challenge on a scene for no absolute reason.
It has my team name and everything so yeah.......
The Rolling Red Rockstars!
The...lets see here... Radiant Red Rollers

Con:Well, I'll try not to get out in the first five days this time, In camps, I always feel like orange is one of the first ones out...WHAT DO YOU GUYS HAVE AGAINST ORANGE!
Also, Its not Sunday
The Red Racers
6 people already did the challenge.
uhhhhhhhhhh Team of colors that have nothing to do with eachother cause they are very different (TOCTHNTDWEOCTAVD)? x_x also Con:i am special for this team, i am the only one with a texture :3
The Brighter then Average Dominators
team MLG!
The Aiming Gunners
Baby KK: The Marking Scarers
Sue Tung: IDK -_-
The Ones Who Must Win
Con:Yes,3/5 Of My Team Did The Challenge Already!
4/5 Kyles
only Eggstudios remains
People that haven't done the challenge yet:
Seth eythan
& awsomepants.
Sue Tang doesn't get an strike because he attempted at doing the challenge.If somedoes do the challenge,I'll update the comment and put them off the list.
@pixel2copy, EggStudios isn't on Kyles51's team, The one that didn't do the challenge on his team was SlimeBlobFlynn
Last edited at 2017/05/08 23:03:42 by WyattTheMarbleRacer
If you 5 on the list don't do the challenge by tommarow after I get home from school you guys get strikes.
Last edited at 2017/05/08 23:04:04 by WyattTheMarbleRacer
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