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Color Battle 9a

screenshot of the scene

Author: ElItE-MaRbLeR

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.93 MB

Date added: 2017-04-25

Rating: 5

Downloads: 236

Views: 96

Comments: 11

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Sorry I had a busy week but now I will post levels regularly again.
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Number Tornament-You face off a player. pick a number. The persons number that is closerto Elite-Marblers number moves on.Ties are broken by when they sended in thier entry.(Credit to the Marblous Marbler.)
Dogeball-You Can Either Dodge,Catch And Throw.If You Catch A Ball Thats Thrown To You The Other Person Is Out.You Can Only Throw When There Is A Ball In Your Hand.
Box Roulette:There will be 15 rounds where there will be exactly the same number of boxes as contestants.Each round , constestants will pick a box (and other can't pick an already picked box).Each box will have a paper , except for one box which will have nothing.If you get a paper , you are still in.If you get an empty box , you are out.After all 15 rounds , whoever is the last person wins.The empty box will be random.
Sword or Shield: there are 10-15 rounds (10 orginally) and player need to choose SWORD/ATTACK or SHIELD/DEFENSE. when chooses SWORD also need to choose which player.
R1 - sword or shield (when sword also player)
R2 - sword or shield (when sword also player)
and to R10 or R15
last standing wins for team
1st to 5th will get tokens
also there are 3 lives, when have 0 you out!
we should do a photoshoot! scores out of 10! team with most points wins!
Making clay models? Everone will have to make something and ElItE will have to judge the Models? honestly i am mostly about making models of stuff ;-;
Next Challenge: Luck of the boxes, So there are 16 boxes,like there 16 contestants in, 1 picks an box and no one else can choose it, The top 5 gets tokens, How to consider the best tokens:Go to and find list randomizer or just search it on google, List all the numbers like this, there's one on each line for it
16[I skiped 7-13 so this won't be an annoying comment]
If you still don't understand what list randomizer is, Let me know
Acronym Arcolery
you choose a word for each contestant (with about 6-9 letters) and they have to do an acronym with it! Like this, they can't cheat, since each will have a diferent word!
im gonna have to think about this
How about a quiz about randomness?