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Amazing Math Algorithm Draws Picture!

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Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.95 MB

Date added: 2017-03-07

Rating: 6.4

Downloads: 1736

Views: 502

Comments: 21

Ratings: 4

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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I originally was going to upload this scene on my birthday (01 April) but it was just too good to wait for! So, I am sharing it with everyone on Algobox immediately.

Here is the math behind this amazing algorithm. The first thing that I did was to use FRA32's code that creates his marvelous attractor. I then realized if I multiply the imaginary part of the Fourier Transform Function by the Lorenz contraction coefficient, I was able to create a picture of a man's head. Then by tweaking the Hanning filter by squaring it by two large non-prime integers, I could create not only a head, but one that looks exactly like s_noonan!

Run the scene and watch what it produces after a few seconds! AMAZING!
Last edited at 2017/03/07 02:55:07 by Xray
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Lorenz-attractor/Differential equation Grapher FRA32 6.1 (3 votes) 760 5 2017/03/03 23:46:27
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um.... second?
The likeness is uncanny. this scene reminds me of Then a miracle occurs.
So very true! :lol:
Wow! I truly can't believe how powerfull this tool truly is. I think I have to delete most of my new scenes now. What if one finds out how to draw an entire FRA32
using a combination of the Mandelbrot equation transformed over the Lorenz attractor, scaled to the size of the Feigenbaum equation, recursively being Fourrier transformed, graphed in an Banarch iteration view, scaled to a logarithmic scale, transformed to the quaternion number area by aquiring the root to the base of -Pi*i, rotated by 32° using 16 Dimensional Transformation matrizes, copied at the scale of the squareroot of the sum of both feigenbaum constants squared and then placed perpendiculary on each other at a slight angle, with the final image once again being rotated by a 32 dimensional rotation matrix in all angles and the resulting image then being graphed in a density visualization, graphing areas with more numbers denser than areas with less. Would one transform the result using a modified Caesar code and the name of any user as the Keyword, the resulting image would strongly resemble what that user is doing at the moment: Nonsense.
I agree. :lol:
I actually took your modified function(the real one tho :lol: ), fixed the cosine by transforming the y coordinate to radiants, and then looked at the result. The picture actually looks like a possible logo for something. :o
Wow, That's incredible, That looks amazing, Xray i'm so happy of you.:)
The image startled me at first. But this looks great!
Thanks, Y'All. :*)
Hey xray do you know when there will be new updates?
i'm curious :v
None planned as far as I know. Sorry. :cry:
ok xray;)
Xray, I don't know how to use math in script. Tell me how to do it. I'll be right back at 11th July at Indonesian!
Yusril Ihsan - Read information in the Algodoo FORUM about TIME SCRIPTING
Xray. Don't ban me. If you ban me. I will move algodoo to Recycle bin. Then i play Minecraft.
Yusril Ihsan - Why would I ban you? What did you do that would make me ban you? :s
Uhm. How to make a blue-clicking web text?
Ummm.... I don't think you understand what I say to you. Do you have trouble understanding English?