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Genuine Hit And Miss Engine

screenshot of the scene

Author: lethalsquirrel

Group: Default

Filesize: 395.58 kB

Date added: 2017-02-24

Rating: 7.5

Downloads: 13720

Views: 1334

Comments: 21

Ratings: 8

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

Description in scene. Enjoy :tup:

Update: Added starting instructions and ability to put load on engine
Last edited at 2017/02/24 19:45:10 by lethalsquirrel
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I love that shading
I love those gear sets
I love the spawn effects
I love the mechanism
it is perfect 10/10 TOP !
PERFECT! I've seen many hit-N-miss engines in actual operation on farms in Wisconsin, and they work exactly like the one you made with Algodoo. Excellent work! :tup:

FYI - I had to give the flywheel a spin in order to get the engine to run on its own, so you might want to put a note in the scene explaining that to others.
Last edited at 2017/02/24 15:25:34 by Xray
Thanks guys! means a lot :blush:

Xray- I put an arrow on the flywheel indicating you should spin it.
and also I made it so the engine was spinning a little bit when the scene starts to kind of hint at the user "spin me"
But you're right, I should add a note.
Really good...
Another thing you can do so that it starts automatically is adding a thruster on the flywheel with timeToLive. it kinda defeats the purpose though
Another way would be to add a big arrow and drag icon like i did on my radials - can't ignore a big icon

Also, one more thing: the fuel line and tank are totally disconnected from everything. If you activate gravity or grab it you'll see that it's just floating around
That's for the feedback, Linkage.
I think hand starting it adds to the authenticity of the engine and makes it a little more fun and interesting.
As for the fuel tank thing, I think that happened when I was adjusting the position with the arrow keys and it cut off the fix point. will be fixed soon.
Also I wanna point out that the reason I turned the gravity off is because it was making the governor really unstable.
Also the reason the engine is fixed the background is because for some reason every time I tried to unfix it, the flywheel and everything would fix in place and I couldn't get it freed up without loosening everything and it was just a big pain in the ass.
yeah, I hate using glue just because of that...
I always use fixjoints, but sometimes I have to use Cgears or stuff and merely fixating one messes up everything
The gravity thing is okay, tbh i didn't notice until i accidentally dragged the fuel line
:D Squirrel lives!

Rated 10/10
Wow. Very nice.:tup:
Not very well made!! i scribbled the cutting tool all over it and the whole thing broke into loads of little pieces!!!:( ......just kidding!:P Nicely done sir! im not really into engines but you did something some 'engine heads' neglet....youve made it look 'pretty' too!
neglet?? neglect:P
Tomski -- In case you did not know this, you can EDIT your comments so long as you use a standard internet browser rather than the Algodoo built-in browser. Using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser, just click on the little blue paper and yellow pencil symbol in the upper right corner of the comment, and then you should be able to make any changes to it.
Last edited at 2017/03/04 02:57:39 by Xray
Thank for the tip mister Xray! once again you have proven to be a most knowledgable and helpful guide in the algodoo universe! seriously though you are a very helpful constructive helper and mentor! so whats the score? you dont work directly with agorix? (probaly mispelt) you do this voluntary?? spare time or full time?? just curious
No, I do not work for Algoryx. A few years ago, one of the other Admins started going to college, and he had very limited extra time to devote to watching over Algobox. So, I volunteered to become an Admin. In case you did not know, Algoryx is a Swiss company, and I am located in the U.S. I am semi-retired, and so I can spend a lot of my free time watching over Algobox, and also occasionally making my own scenes with Algodoo.

Thanks for asking! :)
cool. and yes i must start using the website more often, i started off just using the algobox within the program and have got stuck in my ways!
Sounds good. Let me know if you have questions and I will try to answer them. If I don't know the answer to a question, I will find someone who does!
amazing graphics!
BTW a hit and miss engine is a kerosene engine that pretty much behaves like a crude diesel without glowplugs, the fule is ignited by the pressure in the cylindar. very realistic!
But I think that is incorrect. Since hit and miss engines don't really get that hot I don't think there is any way for the fuel to ignite from pressure alone.
And most hit and hiss engines Ive seen have spark plugs and an ignition system.
I agree with you, lethalsquirrel. Every hit-and-miss engine that I have seen over the years (maybe a total of 20 or 30) ran on gasoline which was ignited by a sparkplug. BUT, this Wikipedia article: Hit-And-Miss Engine says something that's a little puzzling to me: "The fuel tank most typically holds gasoline but many users would start the engines with gasoline and then switch over to a cheaper fuel such as kerosene or diesel." I don't understand how a spark ignition system could ignite oil based fuels such as kerosene or diesel. In fact, I question the validity of that statement. <_<
I agree. I've seen videos of people holding a torch to kerosene/jet fuel and diesel and nothing happens.
Man, when the sim speed is set to its lowest, it runs as smooth as a Slo Mo Guys video! It's awesome!