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Dust wheel ( UPDATE 2 )

screenshot of the scene

Author: JakubKubo

Group: Default

Filesize: 135.79 kB

Date added: 2017-02-20

Rating: 5

Downloads: 324

Views: 137

Comments: 5

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

Universal wheel particle generator
Version 2

- Use NO variabiles = Phunet-safe (SIMPLE version)
- Color of particles = ground color (Ice=blue, grass=green, mud=brown, etc.)
- Laser are toggled by "L" (so if your scene will lag, just press "L" to disable effects)
- Work individual on each wheel
- Laser collide with "J" collide set, so make sure your ground have this collide set too (or change laser collide set)

- Better visuals
- Better physic
(speed of particles is calculated by wheel angvel, create a lot better effect, mainly when braking)

- Fix bugs
- Add soft-wheel version (SOFT version)
- Add more adjustable version (PRO version)

- Particles are horizontal movement needs to change by terrain angle
(can be easily solved by adding variabiles, but it will be phunet-safe no longer, so I´m trying to solve it another way)
- Work only on flat surfaces (if you hit wall, it won´t create any particles, due to laser pointing down)
- Do NOT remove (waranty void if replaced or removed on another wheel)
- Work only on circles, it uses "radius" value (Is this even bug? What do you want, square wheels?)

If you need wheel of another size just open wheel menu and change radius
All scripts and laser will adjust to the new radius

Change _effect to adjust how much wheel slips before it start to spawn particles
(higher number mean lower sensitivity/greater speed difference before spawning)

Comment please!
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Well, here the wheel will detect that it is not slipping if the angle is more than 15º. This actually gave me an idea, but since i won't do it, you probably can:

What if you use e.pos to detect collision with the ground? First you make a variable _upd and make it be equal to e.pos, then somehow make onCollide update each step, so that it writes e.pos each step to that variable

onCollide = (e)=>{_upd = e.pos}

Then on update or postStep you compare the present _upd with the last value of _upd: if they are equal, either the wheel is completely, totally still in one point (which, even if not possible without fixates, would do the trick) and if they are not, then the wheel has moved. This is based on the idea that onCollide only works when colliding... so if it stops colliding _upd will not be updated and you'll see that it isn't colliding

That is to avoid the laser and fix the 30º issue (try a 30º slope)

Also, phunlet-safe is the opposite of simple :P
Last edited at 2017/02/20 20:38:37 by The Linkage
Stop reading my mind, you pervert!:D
That´s almost what i want to do, make laser turn on position where wheel and surface is touching, i tried to turn on last collision position...if you have smooth road or perfect suspension, wheel won´t jump, so no collision happend:/
and making oncollide update like PostStep? that´s impossible for me)|( )|(

Using two additional laser pointing at +-45° from middle laser and if laser length of beams is equal, wheel is leveled, if not, all three lasers will turn to compensate it toward shorter beam :bonk:


PlanB:"touching" script:
1. Make wheel 1m in diameter, create another wheel with a little bigger radius behind it (conected together by hinge) and switch collideSet "J" ON/OFF every frame so it will continuosly hit ground
2. collision of this bigger wheel with ground will send position of collision position into wheel throught hinge and laser will read this position from wheel and turn there :bonk:
Plan B is what i've done since dawn of time (ford GT)
Makes friction a lil bit worse though
What do you mean by "since dawn of time (ford GT)" ???
Btw: I will try planA first
how do i make spins hapopen with my car? it wont go