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Zombie Apocalypse

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.97 MB

Date added: 2017-01-21

Rating: 6

Downloads: 3746

Views: 516

Comments: 19

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Gotta love them Zombies!
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Dancing zombies? That's new:lol:
Well done.
Xray I Wanna Ask You Something
Do I Get Something For Playing Algodoo And Creating For Over 5 Years?
I Hope So:D
dreamersk - YES! You get education, you get fun, and you get satisfaction. What could be more rewarding than that!? :)

By the way, I looked at your user profile, and it shows that you registered on April 29, 2014, which was less than 3 years ago. So, why do you say that you have been using Algodoo for 5 years? :huh:
Last edited at 2017/01/31 19:07:30 by Xray
I´ve Been Using It From When I Was A Child, And I Logged In At 2014 Because That Was The Time I First Got An Idea For A Comment.
The Truth Is Algodoo Made My Childhood Good And Yea, Actually It Rewarded Me A Lot Of Experience That I Used Very Well In School.:lol:
Great! :tup:
Also I´d Like To Ask Where Did Some Old Scenes Go?
I Cannot See Some Of My Favorite Scenes Nowadays.
idk :huh:

Q: Where Did Some Old Scenes Go?
A: Include the "phunbox1" group in the group selection when searching for scenes.
nice rain effect groovey lightning to:tup:
Thanks, Tomski!
How did you make the rain effect? I want to use rain in one of my scenes.
The rain effect is just a simple animation of a still image. Another name for an Algodoo image is the "texture" and every texture has associated with it a textureMatrix which defines the texture's position (X offset and Y offset), it's size (X scale and Y scale), and rotation (X rot and Y rot). You make the texture appear to move by continually shifting either the X or Y offsets (or in some instances, both X and Y offsets).

Feel free to use my rain animation in your own scene (please give me credit in the scene description). Just copy the "box" which contains the rain texture, and then paste it into your own scene.
Last edited at 2017/05/28 23:52:13 by Xray