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Non-Symmetrical Polygon Generator V2

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Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 55.61 kB

Date added: 2017-01-09

Rating: 5.4

Downloads: 312

Views: 310

Comments: 8

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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In my older version you had to press a number key that corresponds to a number on the polygon, and then use the mouse cursor to move that particular corner.

In this new version, you simply bring the cursor (a red dot) close to a desired corner on the polygon, and when the cursor dot turns green, you press the left mouse button and reposition the corner. After reshaping the entire polygon, you press the F key to finalize it, at which time it can be modified (color, size, texture, etc) just like any other geometry.

Detailed instructions are in the scene.....
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This scene is a response to:
Title Author Rating Downloads Comments Date added
Non-Symmetrical Polygon Generator Xray 5.6 (2 votes) 765 8 2014/11/01 05:46:32
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Wow! Thats a Algodoo Magic! Whats the script of editing:huh:?
I rate ∞/10
You are the Chuck Norris of the Algodoo_o_
Last edited at 2017/01/10 08:15:20 by Pootis-Man
Thanks Pootis-Man! I appreciate the nice comments. :)

It's just like learning a new language or learning how to play a new musical instrument...... It requires three things: Practice, Practice, and Practice!
Nice work. Easy to use. :tup:
Thanks s_noonan! :*)
Not sure why, but now every scene I go on has the vertices on every geomety and I can't figure out how to fix this.
Phun User -- Load s_noonan's scene: Polygon Modifier and click the message box or the laser (with Algodoo running) until you no longer see the tiny dots which indicate the vertices. Then load some other scene. Those dots should now be gone.

The problem is, when a scene enables or disables certain functions or features (such as the vertices dots) the current status of those functions or features gets saved, and it will remain in that condition the next time you load Algodoo or even when you load a different scene. s_noonan knows about this problem and I gave him one possible solution to fix it.