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The Most Powerful Single Cylinder Yet? Version 2.0

screenshot of the scene

Author: Nitrocide

Group: Default

Filesize: 304.18 kB

Date added: 2017-01-04

Rating: 5

Downloads: 495

Views: 96

Comments: 7

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

-Less Power= more reliable
-50kg/s on the Piston with a Heavier Housing= Less Piston wooble
-Added Starter although not perfect (it is a little bit janky now)

And thats it. You could still push it further but im not safe doing that.

Anyways... Enjoy!
Last edited at 2017/01/05 10:43:56 by Nitrocide
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You should check your facts before posting that... it delivers 1000 Nm at 75 rad/s
So it gives close to 100 HP... on a 2.75x1m enclosure

You could've used the axle as a starter since the thruster is pretty useless here, most of the times that I started the engine it went the wrong way

1 rad/s is 9.54 RPM, so 120 rad/s * 9.54 RPM = 1144.8 RPM
But keep in mind that it fluctuates between 80 and 120 so you should make the flywheel bigger and a little bit heavier

Also use density 50 for the piston and use 120 Hz
The Linkage Tnx
The Linkage about the Starter when i would make one, S hits the Fan. It cant keep up with the Powaa this thing Makes but i would give it a shot one more time.
The Linkage its finished.
still pretty horrible. the axle that connects the engine and the starter has only 180 Nm so it can't correct the spin. The flywheel is still to light and the piston still moves too much. And you still didn't use 120 Hz
@The Linkage Next time, leave me alone.
@The Linage how can i fix the flywheel?