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Black Powder Cannon

screenshot of the scene

Author: FruitMonger

Group: Default

Filesize: 122.02 kB

Date added: 2016-12-24

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 5243

Views: 529

Comments: 6

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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A cannon that uses 'black powder' to launch a cannon ball, or a different projectile of your choosing. This is pretty much a remake of my old cannon, which I decided to remake because the old one doesn't really work in the current version of algodoo. I think it took about six hours to make, or something like that. I space out while making stuff like this, so I really couldn't tell you how long it took, or even exactly how I made it!

Comes pre-loaded with a cannon ball, so you just have to pull the rope to fire!

How to Operate:

If Unloaded-

Copy pre-grouped powder into the muzzle

Use ram rod to gently shove powder back, stopping at the second marking on the ram rod

After removing ram rod, either copy selected projectile directly into muzzle, or drag coppied ammunition into muzzle (doesn't work so well with grape shot)

Use ram rod to gently shove ammunition into the barrel, stopping at the first marking for a cannon ball --some adjustment to stopping distance may need to be made with different ammunition--

Pull rope to fire

Set to run at 600Hz, so I hope you've got an alright computer, because my computer with a 4790k CPU only runs it at about 15% speed. It might run at a lower frequency, but I'd rather stick to my standard 600 that I know works. If you want to try to go lower, go ahead, but I can't guarantee it'll work.

Thanks for checking it out, and have a nice day!

By the way, just out of curiosity, who would be willing to watch a time-lapse video of me building something like this? If anybody is interested, I might think about giving that a try and posting it on youtube. It kind of seems like a shame that nobody (not even me!) knows exactly how I made this.
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Nice job on this cannon, fruitmonger! It's a little tricky to load (it took me a long time to figure out how to do it without spilling the powder all over the ground), but once I got it, I can load it much faster now.

It's good to see that there are some "old timers" still around from the early days of Phun and when Algodoo was being developed. As you know, Algobox was a lot different back then, and in my opinion, much more enjoyable for us "tech" types because it wasn't overrun with kindergarten children like it is now.

In regards to your question about a time-lapse video, YES! I think that would be fun, educational and quite interesting. So, you have MY vote! :tup:
Thanks Xray! Always nice to hear from you. I'm glad you're so enthusiastic for my video idea; I wasn't sure anyone would be interested, so seeing you so excited about it makes me happy.

I guess I'll have to learn how to use some video editing software...

Oh well, that's half the fun!

Just as an aside, it feels a little strange to be called an old timer, just because I was 13 when I started using phun, and am only 21 now.
I didn't mean that you are "old" like an old man (I had no idea how old you were). I just meant that you have been here since the early days (2009) when Algobox was started. That makes you an old-timer!:)
Right, right, I get what you mean, it just has a slightly strange feeling to it, you know what I mean?

Also this happened!

It's only at 2x speed, but it's such a short video anyway, I figure it doesn't need to only be 5 seconds long, you know? Something longer would need to sped up quite a bit more than 2x.
Last edited at 2016/12/26 00:44:43 by FruitMonger
^^ so he's rating practically zero, right?

bad jokes aside, it looks good! as slo-mo as it looks anyways
I think you can tweak the script a bit so that the smoke disappears when the cannonball is maybe 6 meters away from the cannon, and the transition of color is not too noticeable (when timeToLive gets to 0.9 it really shows a change in brightness)
And maybe reduce the number of balls and give it more density

My FX6300 is suffering this... 0.3% when fired, 2% after the smoke clears and stays floating in the air