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Logic Gate Toolset 1.1

screenshot of the scene

Author: FRA32

Group: Technical

Filesize: 32.68 kB

Date added: 2016-12-15

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 653

Views: 264

Comments: 12

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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I created this laser-based scene containing a series of gates and tools usable to make logic contraptions. Currently there are 7 gates included, but if you leave suggestions in the comments, I may add new stuff to the scene.

Includes a 4 Bit adder, Multiplexer, Demultiplexer and (N)IMPLY-Gate constructed from standard gates.
Last edited at 2017/04/22 09:52:37 by FRA32
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Nice set of logic tools!

I have just one suggestion and a question about them....

1. Suggestion: The "bulb" indicators are weird looking. Those expanding rings take too long to disable when the logic signal is removed, and they just look rather strange to a real life engineer like me who has been dealing with this kind of stuff for many years. I suggest coloring the bulbs a dark or dim gray color when given a logic 0, and then color them a bright yellow or red when given a logic 1 (also add some "Edge Blur" to give them the appearance of a bright light). They would then look and operate like real LED's instead of looking like angels with halos! :lol:

2. Question: One of the notes (repeated a few times) in the scene says "Change _add variable to set number of needed inputs". I cannot find that "_add" variable! Where is it located? :s :huh:

Overall, you did a great job on the scene. :tup:
Last edited at 2016/12/15 21:42:45 by Xray
I think you can add a NOT gate which gives an output of 1 when the input is 0 and the output of 0 when the input is 1
Oh it is already included...
*Deleted because of duplicate comment*
Last edited at 2016/12/16 13:59:16 by FRA32
@Xray I'll add your suggestions. The _and(I did a typo on that note) variable is only avaiable in (N)AND gates and determines how many lasers need to hit it in order for it to turn on/off. So a AND 2 gate(_and = 2) needs at least 2 lasers. If it has 5, it also turns on. NAND 2 would need 2 or more lasers to turn off.
That's awesome! I'll fix mine and upload it later, maybe on Tuesday
How much delay do the gates have? On my end I'm running this scene at 38% sim time and everything has like 1/4th of a second to react. Also I'm not sure what I did exactly but I undoed and all the lasers stopped working... I think they just vanished
The gates take 1 frame to turn on and 2 frames to turn of because of stability. Also about the lasers stopped working: I am not sure what could have caused this. Are you sure you didnt undo to the beginning of the scene and thisway disabled all gates? I dont know what could cause the shutdown of those.
Great! I like it. Very usefull also for teaching logical gates to studens! Thank you . :)
Great. Did you see that ?
Just checked it out. Very creative way of transmitting boolean signals! I like it:D
Well then...
They have 2 seperate input
1 IMPLY 0 = 0 , and it outputs 1 if otherwise
1 NIMPLY 0 = 1 , and it outputs 0 if otherwise
Well you can make these gates by taking an OR gate, then putting a NOT gate before one of the inputs, or the NOR gate by attaching a NOT gate behind it. I'll include it nontheless ^^