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HELP NEEDED! Pneumatic Sliding Jack; Does This Exist?

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Author: FruitMonger

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Date added: 2016-09-18

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I'll preface this by saying I haven't done much googling on this yet, I will once I've slept a bit, but if you google it and it comes up right away.... well..... thanks for googling it for me! (and sorry for wasting your time!)

I guess this might be called a pneumatic sliding jack, or something like that. It's meant to stay in place while holding something, and when you depress the lever, it allows the slider to move, thereby allowing you to lower or raise whatever it's holding, and lock back in place when the lever is released. The blue circles represent air. The reason the entire green air cylinder isn't filled is because that many circles might not work in algodoo, and would surely be extremely laggy. Just imagine the pink space is full of air (balls), instead of just the small area I have here.

I thought something like this might be useful for my job, but I'm not sure if they exist. Does anybody know if something like this exists? If it does, I'd very much appreciate the name of such a contraption. It doesn't have to match my stated measurements exactly or anything (measurements stated in-scene), those are just my ideal measurements. I really just want to know if this is a real thing or not, 'cause it could be super useful to me if it is, pneumatic or otherwise.

Again, sorry if this is just really easy to find on google, but I'm going to have to do that later when I have faster internet available (barely able to upload this) and have slept a bit. You get a scene to check out anyway, so... just... be happy about that I guess!

Thanks for your time, and have a nice day!
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I'm no mechanical expert, but I believe what you want is a hydraulic sliding jack (not pneumatic). Pneumatic uses air which is compressible, and that would make your jack very "springy" as if it were held in place by rubber bands. Fluids are not compressible (at least for all practical purposes) and would hold much stiffer than air would.

Hope this helps at least a little. :)