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Marble Camp Restarted 1A

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Author: n8nks77

Group: Marble & Athlons & BFDI & Camps

Filesize: 11.24 kB

Date added: 2016-09-13

Rating: 5

Downloads: 135

Views: 133

Comments: 20

Ratings: 1

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Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


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Hi to the ten of you competing. Are you ready for the first challenge? I hope so cause ready or not here it is. The Challenge a quiz you must answer the questions correctly as possible there are 10 questions but before I reveal them I have two things to say. 1. Lime (Ken3344) is immune because he is temporarily banned until September 20th. 2. To break ties in this challenge the. person who responded before the other person will rank higher that's it so now the questions.
1. Who was the first to ask for a color in my original marble camp?
2. What color were they?
3. What color was first eliminated in my original marble camp.
4. How old am 1?
5. What is the Square Root of 47?
6. Did you use a calculator or Siri for number 5 be honest.
7. Who was the same color in both marble camps?
8.How many original contestants were there?
9.Who was the last person to sign up?
10. Who is going to enjoy this camp?
That's it respond to those questions in the comments by September 16th 2016 (Friday) See you all in Marble Camp Restarted 1B
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Oh yeah The bottom 3 will be ufe but everyone that doesn't do the challenge will be ufe
For 4. I meant to say "How old am I?"
is 5, 47 times 47?
also, is it okay to look for the anwser?
1st place will get a win token I forgot about that:P
So do i have to make a scene?
You can do that or you can respond in the comments either way works but if you do make a scene please let me know
3.Tan(With no user)
6.I used a calculator so yes
10.Everyon­e hopefully,I am:D
WyattTheMarbleRacer: 9/10 this will most likely ensure your safety.
2 Green (dont know
3 Tan
4 13
5 2209
6 yes, totally
7 Me, i didnt even know!
8 8 (dont know)
9 JonathanTheBest
10 Everyone!
Stickballs: 7/10 70% not to great but we have to wait to see how well the others did
Also WyattTheMarbleRacer answered a question I didn't even know! So WyattTheMarbleRacer gets a 1 point boost but that also means that WyattTheMarbleRacer is the winner of this challenge and gets a Win Token! Congrats Wyatt!:) P.S. I originally thought the answer to Number 7 was nobody.
Maybe 10 Or 9
Everyone Expect The Peaple That Are Out.
Artiplayz:6.5/10 uhh not to great but stop I'll above 50% also no one so far has gotten number 5 right (What is the square root of 47?) also I'm ## years old not 10 or 9 (I'm older than that) I feel like I talked to much. Also WyattTheMarbleRacer is safe!
Oh thanks:) Also Signups are closed for my marble camp, I am just going to get everything set up and
Spoiler Alert:The first event is Race to the Bowl
Also Number 5 isn't 47 X 47
2. Red
3. Tan
4. 13
5. 2209
6. Yup.
7. stickballs
8. 20
9. JonathanTheBest
10. Everyone, I think.
Ultragamer564:9/10 If you beat one more person you are safe
Ultragamer564 is Safe!