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Suspension Bridge / Brooklyn Bridge

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Author: daviddolot

Group: Default

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Date added: 2016-08-28

Rating: 5

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Its Inspired like Brooklyn Bridge In New York , USA.

About the Brooklyn Bridge:
Its spans from Manhattan to Brooklyn. The bridge not only carries vehicles but it also carries
subway trains & pedestrians. Its one of the oldest bridge of the United States. So thats why
this bridge is cable stayed & suspended with cables to carry cars , heavy traffic subway trains
(more than 6 to 8 carriages) & pedestrians.
Located in: New York , USA

You Can Put anything in this map. Like Trains , Vehicles or Anything that causes destruction like meteors / armageddon , using drag tool ,
earthquake , plane crash , & a bomb. But using water is not recommended if you don't have a better graphics driver.
Older Graphics Drivers Tend to fail or slowly / stopped responding when there is too much liquifying things like water. Use Polygon
built Tsunami Instead.
Sometimes you also consider use things that weighs 1000 or 2000kg like a tank. However , this bridge do not have a intention to carry heavy
weight things. The Road Decking Might Burst , Gave way & Collapse and not the cables.

Full Credits:
Road Decking was made by: Lilith
Suspension Cables (Steel) , Ropes (Steel Colored-Alike) & Towers (Stone) was made by
Me! (David)
Last edited at 2016/08/29 10:08:24 by daviddolot
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Forgot to say: Suspension Cables (Steel) , Ropes (Steel Colored-Alike) & Towers (Made Out of Stone) wa made by Me! (David)
I crashed a plane into the bridge:D:lol:
I watched, I let it burn!