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Marble Battle 6B ~ Event for Algicosathlon

screenshot of the scene

Author: MLMoyman33

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.05 MB

Date added: 2016-07-16

Rating: 5

Downloads: 458

Views: 163

Comments: 28

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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The Algicosathlon Rebooted thing was made in YouTube
the channel is me! (MLMoyman33 Simmon Gozali)
Ultragamer564 :
Good DRTTB, It have shading parts I guess, that looks great, I totally must use yours:)

Macky527 :
No team events, sorry

Mits :
Good one, a rowing contest!

Super Gaming:
Cheap, but it's good enough

I don't know about this, "a circle maze"?
If you're talking about a team event, that gives you a 0 points
If you're talking about normal, well the results was:
+890 (No effort but a cheap "bad" entry as an event, so sorry)

Nice one, the scoreboard is good
+3,999(+1,050 bonus, +1,150 like yoshinator, follow the current points)

Good BMX Cycling and the remaing atheletes
+3,500(+1000 bonus)

Golden Freddy:
I've no Idea what to say about this, this is good, and the same event as Ultra's

Namoun's Brother
Too late, but the event looks good
Last edited at 2016/07/19 14:31:25 by MLMoyman33
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I used a TD I made and gave it to you:D
Actually, the event must not be a team event, since if I include that, this series might have more than 20 events.
So redo, or you can update the scoreboard that I put at the right of the scoreboards.
Also, do you see my series "Algicosathlon Rebooted" on my channel?
1st 1000
2nd 961
3rd 923
4th 875
5th 813
6th 795
7th 643
8th 569
9th 416
10th 400
11th 325
12th 294
13th 150
14th 50
15th 26
Also it okay i was on light team i don't mind that my team lost because im in the fricken top 6
No, what I mean is update the scoreboard to something new like.
Graphs, no changes.

You know what?
I'll make example.
Bar graph
No, make a graph out of the "Current Points" or the scoreboard I show you as an Example (DON'T COPY COPY)
1st 1,654
2nd 1,563
3rd 1,532
4th 1,101
5th 1,000
6th 981
7th 962
8th 834
9th 821
10th 794
11th 762
12th 623
13th 532
14th 423
15th 323
New Scoreboard
I Even Cant Make An Athelte
1st 1,804
2nd 1,626
3rd 1,486
4th 1,331
5th 1,282
6th 1,225
7th 1,101
8th 1,001
9th 941
10th 876
11th 832
12th 791
13th 754
14th 674
15th 541
New Scoreboard
Wait a +0 wouldn't even be a bonus...
@Aaron8205 Artiplayz
Make a creative scoreboard, not these points
fine. Whoever make these points like Aaron8205 or Artiplayz did, -250!
Oh NO!!
I am done!
EXQ'Z Plz.
Is it possible there could be a debut? I missed the sign-up scene and I really want to join this camp...
is my score borad ok ?
hey how about my score board ???????
And btw i dont think you are doing right here
why is the youtuber (Ultra) always get fulll points
That make no chnace for me to win the season
@yoshinator 12
The scoreboard, it must not be updated by you. Do the same like the current points. So redo it to get more points.
Ultragamer564 make it creative and sometimes do many scripts/less scripts.
Also, he is popular for creativeness
Done again!
I am done (i am namoun brother)