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Hungry Worm

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.84 MB

Date added: 2016-04-07

Rating: 6.9

Downloads: 1920

Views: 300

Comments: 15

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Eat all the yellow food pellets as quickly as you can, and then touch the red target to stop the time clock. Try for shortest time to do all that.

Post your quickest time in comments!

You can also let the worm run by itself. After starting the scene, just hold the Up arrow for a few seconds to make the worm move fast, and then sit back and watch him do his thing!
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Last edited at 2016/04/07 22:23:08 by s_noonan
First Atempt: 178.18
Second Attempt: 103.78
Third Attempt: 85.58
OMG Im so bad at this XD

I got 128.03 sec
So I let the worm do it by himself the second time, and got 561.43 sec (9 minutes, 1.43 seconds)

At least im better than someone/something xD
Thanks guys. Glad you like it! :)
So I made it fastest? Sweet! (Mine was 60.55)
I love these awesome games you always make but I always suck at them so I can never enjoy them fully )|(

My score was 126.09...
93 on my second try;)
nice game!
I was barely in a minute......1:00:55 (min:sec:milosec)
I can't believe it.. 31.28
There are no pellets left, and I touched the timer. Now how did that happen.

Well I guess the trick is to go slow, and be careful.
I restarted 3 times in the first section because I was going too fast and crashed into the wall.

I guess I could have shaved off a few seconds chasing down a pellet? But I'm fine with this time.

Great game! I really enjoy small games like this.
I got 520.6 no steering, worm at max speed