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MPVK "Caiman" Anti Aircraft Mobile System

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Author: pfjeka

Group: Default

Filesize: 106.29 kB

Date added: 2016-03-30

Rating: 5.5

Downloads: 5046

Views: 459

Comments: 3

Ratings: 2

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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MPVK "Caiman"

This Mobile Anti-Aircraft System is based on my previous tank design and shares the common chassis. It has a new scripted CVT transmission, with smooth start and adjustable speed.
There are two gyro-stabilyzed 30-mm anti-aircraft cannons. The cannons are operated manually or with ballistic calculator, with exceptional precision at long distances. In this case you shoud point the mouse cursor on the target. Keep in mind that these cannons have a huge recoil.
There are also 3 inertial guided missiles with adjustable proximity fuse (Off/Low/High) and self-destruction timer. Point the mouse cursor on the target and fire the missile.

For self defence you can use the smoke/aerosol screen.

"Right" - forward
"Left" - backwards
"Down" - brake
This transmission has a "smooth start" feature.
For immediate engine response, hold brake before start - the engine will go to full power.

"Page Up", "Page Down" - set speed limiter (1 - 10.8 m/s)


"Enter" - shoot cannon (100 Rps)
"Backspace" - shoot cannon (20 Rps)

"W" - turret manual UP (when FCS is Off)
"S" - turret manual DOWN (when FCS is Off)

"Home" - FCS (Fire Control System) "On"
"End" - FCS (Fire Control System) "Off"
"Z" - IRAS (InfraRed Aiming System) "On/Off" *
"X" - MDAS (Missile Direct Aiming System) "On/Off" *
* useful for visual reference at long distance

"1","2","3" - shoot missile (x3)

"7" - missile proximity fuse "OFF"
"8" - missile proximity fuse "LOW"
"9" - missile proximity fuse "HIGH"

"V" - smoke screen

Credits to Kilinich for hinge script idea and to other guys. I made this scene a lot of time ago, unfortunately I don't remember exactly what solutions I used. Sorry for that. Just tell me and I will insert your name in credits.

Enjoy and rate!
Comment please.:)
Last edited at 2016/04/01 13:08:09 by pfjeka
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Great weapont! :tup:
Im need this with infinte smoke grenades.
cant fire rockets:/ atleast i still have those ridiculous mgs xD