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Evoluton of bugs (neural network brain)

screenshot of the scene

Author: Kilinich

Group: Default

Filesize: 293.48 kB

Date added: 2016-03-26

Rating: 7.3

Downloads: 3224

Views: 711

Comments: 16

Ratings: 8

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

Updated with save/load buttons for growing up ultimate runner!

That is unbeliveble!

Starting from totaly random brian configuration, that insects could solve tha maze within minutes. 8|

Every insect had 5 laser "eyes" and 7 neurons connected into random-weigh network (with fixed topology). On every time scene starts it randomise.
After that selection algorithm working - if bug able to move forward, it's network configuration became new stable. After each collision or moving backward it teleports to start and got new config with sligtly mutation from stable one. :y

Using save-load and apply you could grow up champions!
Put best time of your bugs in comments, upload config in forum! … mp;t=11400

Last edited at 2016/03/29 19:58:09 by Kilinich
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Holy cow! This is amazing! _o_
@kilinich - Is there a maximum number of obstacles that can be placed in their paths? If so, what is that number, and how is it determined?
xRay, it's unlimited, but key to success is selection rule.
So you could build anything like round track and choose criteria how to select better performance....
Last edited at 2016/03/26 19:11:55 by Kilinich
How does selection rule get changed? Could you give some examples of different selection rules?
This is just plain awesome. :tup: :tup:
I agree to s_noonan, best thanks to this superb example what one
can do with algodoo, really amazing!!
and i see that i can still learn a lot!:)
my besttime was 23;)
Last edited at 2016/03/28 21:59:51 by DrBalk
This is outstading! Congratulations!
How do you make it so that it turns into play mode when you start the scene?
App.GUI.playMode = {sim.running}
Amazing!!! :tup: _o_ :tup:
best time: 19
@Kilinich - Thank you for telling me how. I know that I was more than one month late, but better late than never!:)
For some reason bugs just go in straight or little curved line like they cant see wall. Is there a way to fix that?
for MichanPotasu123:
Make sure you have algodoo 2.1, reset config.
Thanks, reseting config helped
Блин. Нейросеть. В алгодоо. Многое я все-таки пропустил за это время :o

+inf/10 :tup: _o_