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FLAK 18 88mm V2

screenshot of the scene

Author: phunbox1 (wiskeyinabottle)

Group: phunbox1

Filesize: 280 kB

Date added: 2009-01-05

Rating: 7.6

Downloads: 451

Views: 770

Comments: 6

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

this is the German flak 18 88 from the second world war!

how to shoot:
1. open the flak: [1]
2. drag a bullet in the flak
3. close the flak: [1]
4. shoot: [2]
5. open the flak again [1] + [2]

type of bullets:
grey = normal
red = high explosive
green = flare

have fun:D
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Great idea with the different kinds of bullets, however it doesn't work flawlessly
still rated it a 5:)
this better LOOK like a flak 88. Now to click that pesky download button... it doesnt.....i hate you!!!!:huh: :mad:
and the gun isnt called flak...its basically called a cannon...flak is what it produced from rounds bursting in midair
oh my god it doesnt even fire as long as a 88mm..this sucks no offence.
well the flak 18 88mm was build for anti-air service but the Germans discovered that it is great as artillery too. and if I make it more powerful it will explode.I also saw that you only build things for the looks, but I am having way more fun to create cannons,guns and other devices. and I am not the only one, other people like it too! so instead of whining you could try to make a better one??